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The pianist of willesden lane - Movie Review Example

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Name Professor Class Date The Pianist of Willesden Lane Introduction The Pianist of Willesden Lane is a theater play that is adopted from the book by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen. The play comprises of five characters who reenact events that happened in the book…
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The pianist of willesden lane
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Download file to see previous pages Different themes have been used to show the fear and what was going through the woman’s head during the holocaust. In life, no one is supposed to go through what the woman in the play went through. We should all try to accommodate each other’s believes and respect them (Hurwitt). The play tells a great story. It incorporates narration of the story with music that fuses well to set the mood and illustrate the exact feelings and the situation at the time. The result of this is the heart responding in kind with the theme. When the play was featured in the theater, everyone sheds a tear. The director has tried to fuse all the tales told in the story with a song. Director Hershey Felder who adapted the book and came up with the play uses music and costumes trying to reenact the mood of the writer while writing the book. These tails are deep and can appeal to any human being. The use of stage lights to further set the required mood for the play. The music only comprises of a piano. This is because in the book the author tells the tails using songs that she played on her keyboard. It gives the play a more intricate meaning because music appeals to the emotions (Hurwitt). The director of the play adds visuals to the play to further intensify the mood that he intends to portray. Since some of the visuals are a bit graphic, the director tries to blend them with the emotional music that accompanies them. The director divides the play in three parts. The first part sets up the conditions that were experienced in 1938 during the holocaust. The intention of this is to bring the attention of the audience to the mood of the play. The music that opens the play is deep and conveys a sad mood. The second part takes the play to a new high. The music and visual introduce a new dimension to the play. They bring out the emotions at the time of the holocaust. It goes deeper in bringing out the mood of the author of at the time of the holocaust (Hurwitt). Being that the play is centered on the story narrated by the author of the book, it was important to convey her thoughts and emotions at the time. The last part does exactly that. It brings the play to a fervent resolution. The music at this time is deep and very emotional. The visuals are intense and the play reaches its climax. The response from the audience is amazing. Everyone is full of emotion. The third part makes a passionate appeal to the emotion and humane part to never repeat the issues shown by the play. To illustrate further the theme of the play, the director uses archival photos, newsreels and file videos projected to large old golden picture frames hanging in the middle of the theater stage. The theater stage is painted midnight blue. The contrast in the colors brings out the theme of the medieval ages. The play does not portray comfort of the actor. The actor has to assume the voices of men, women and children written in the book (Hurwitt). The play comes alive in different ways. The use of the piano music creates a more emotional attachment. The use of visuals in the play lets you tell how the situation was at the time expressed. The actors bring out the physical actions that are expressed in the play. With this, the director tells the story as it is in the book it was adopted. When I watched the play, I felt touched. I understood what the director's intentions were when he created the play. The emotional attachment to the songs and visuals in the play is strong. I think the play was a success in educating us about the holocaust and how it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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