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Critical Paper - Movie Review Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Theme of Change in the Movies To Live, The Wedding Banquet, and Eat Drink Man And Woman In the three movies namely “To live”, the wedding banquet and eat drink man and woman: there are several concepts that have been covered namely that of change and specifically in the fate of women in traditional Chinese, family culture, women position and in society…
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Critical Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Through this, the complex conflict and relationship between modernity, tradition and human emotions between the western and eastern, aspects of the globe will be highlighted. The 1994 released movie “To live” directed by Gong Li and Zhang Yimou is a film that is basically about an experience of a family during a particularly challenging and hard time, it also helps bring out the journey of the Chinese people towards their revolutionary stage( Zhang, Wr and Lu Wei 2). The more pronounced theme is that of change and divergent ways of coping with it. This aspect is similar with the other two films like in Wedding Banquet the main character figured out a strategic way of sorting his problem and in the Eat Drink Man Woman Chef Chu, found alternatives to his problems through food as elaborately brought out. The change theme was introduced both on societal and individual level. The difference in the change is on the fact that on the individual level it was influenced by the individual own doing namely Xu Fugui, which if compared by other two was not due to their own actions. The film also shows the changes on a societal level that were happening on the Chinese society and various ideologies and political systems that were initially imposed on the Chinese people. This is also seen in the film Eat Drink Man Woman where there had to be a specific order to marriage and in Wedding Banquet the society expects some things to be common like in choice of marriage partners. With the societal changes consequently happening, all the characters in the three films experience effects that correspond to their lives. In this context, the societal changes that are happening and the individuals involved no longer have, any control over the issues for it was already the external factors that influence and operate and affect their individuals lives (Chan 1). The 1993 film the Wedding Banquet, which is about a Taiwanese immigrant man that is gay and marries a mainland Chinese woman to get her a green card and to placate his parents. Although with his parents arrival in the United States his plan backfires since they decided to help with the wedding banquets planning (Wu, and Lixing 1344). The story combines so many issues of today and it is a great example of modern day life namely; cross-cultural life, sexuality, modernity/tradition, younger generations vs. old school parents, gay couples and multi-racial couples, love and family values, immigrants and gay Asian Americans. This themes discussed above correspond well with the other two films, since they all discuss societal current issues since, they directly bringing out the very different and distinct cultures in the film concurrently namely; the 90’s representation of the gay couples and Asian American. The film also uses the theme of change to bring out and comment on groupings and social stereotypes without blatantly doing so (Bishop, John, Haiyong and Lester 4). There is a similarity in the theme of change in the other two films since they all discuss societal change. They embrace of sexuality by discussing gay relationship, revelation and change from the traditional Chinese cultures and a more entailed analysis of family issues and solutions derived as the families find adequate solutions on how they break from traditional and societal norms. The films help bring out the change theme by adequately capturing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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