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On Paul Robeson - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Date Paul Robeson Introduction People remember Paul Robeson for the legacy that he left behind whereby he was a scholar athlete, professional football player, a law student an actor and a dancer among other great achievements. He was all rounded and he successfully balanced his carriers whether in class, theatre and in sports and he did great in all the fields…
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Research Paper on Paul Robeson
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Download file to see previous pages Paul had three brothers and one sister and during their childhood life, they faced many problems since his father lost his job due to racial conflict and three years later, his mother died in a fire tragedy at home. In his high school life, Paul participated in many activities such as basketball, football and singing and he dominated very well in all the disciplines. Boyle and Bunie (45-77) said that, after graduating from high school, Paul won a scholarship to join Rutgers University between 1915 and 1919 and became the third African- American students in the history of Rutgers University. In the campus, Paul joined various clubs among them being debate club, a university football club and other athletic clubs where he balanced his activities excellently. He scooped an awarded as the best footballer of the year and he had a great talent in singing whereby he went to perform on and off the campus. At the height of his performance on the campus, Paul’s father felt very ill and Robeson had no option but to take the full responsibility of his father who soon succumbed to illness. When he finished campus, he won awards in athletics and academics and his classmates greatly exhorted him and vowed to fight equality of all Americans. Boyle and Bunie (78-101) claimed that, Robeson then joined New York university school of law but shortly transferred to Columbia school of law in 1920 and joined national football league. Paul dated Eslanda Goode and after courting for one year, they got married and at this time, he had already started acting. He started singing while in the campus and after 1922 he ended his football career and decided to continue with his music career. After a few months, Paul graduated as a lawyer and he exercised his career as an advocate for a few months and quitted due to excessive racism in the field. Robeson decided to take a role in acting where he participated in various theatre acting and during this time, his wife Essie supported him in various social functions. He acted in theaters such as The Emperor Jones and in All God’s Chillum Got Wings and the success of acting landed him into an elite circle and finally rose to fame after a great assistance from his wife. Later his wife quitted her job and became an agent of Paul her she steered him to act in the films and he participated in movies such as body and soul. Paul ventured into music and in collaboration with a very famous gospel singer and attended concerts. After some time, Paul went to London to act in the films and singing and at this time, he participated in several films among them being Show Boat and Song of Freedom (Boyle and Bunie 102-105). He became politically involved when he struggled against fascism from 1937 to 1939 during the Spanish civil war. After Second World War, Robeson returned to America where he acted as an entertainer in a radio station. After execution of four Negros, Paul Robeson urged the president of America to stop legislation of this law of lynching and this was his turning point to the political arena (Boyle and Bunie 379-401). After 1950, the American government cancelled Robeson’s passports, it also denied him to attend televisions shows and a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper on Paul Robeson Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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