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Artwork refers to any type of paintings or drawings on a piece of paper or surface aimed at conveying information about a particular activity or somebody. Artwork can also be a curved image of somebody or something. …
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Download file to see previous pages The artwork was painted by Paul Sample showing US troops in Canton Island in 1946. Canton Island was one of the largest and used by the US navy and air force soldiers as stop over. This found when the United States was just out of the Second World War and it acted as a symbolic feature to the US military troops and the civilians to remind them of the impact of the war. This will also remind them how their military army and combat soldiers defended the country from foreign attacks. The artwork is currently kept in the US military museum in Washington DC alongside other early arts. The artworks provide great encouragement to the troops reminding them of their ancient heroes (Henkes 2001). The physical appearance of the painting shows US military troops keeping surveillance of the enemies. One soldier is portrayed to be on top of the raised hill and one on top of the tree to enable him observes enemies from a far horizon and observes any enemy of aerial attacks. It is also important to note that there is a picture of a movie of a man and woman embracing one another. This can be taken to describe the happy moments in the United States before the second war erupted (Henkes 2001). Clearly looking at the picture, it is true to note that all the military soldiers are glued to the movie. This therefore shows that despite the soldiers being involved in the war, they had time for entrainments. There is a bright moonlight above in the blue sky clearly indicating that it is night hour. This shows that the Americans were ready to fight and defend their country despite all odds and that is why they are keeping vigil even at night. The portrait also clearly shows that the military officers are armed with firearms such as guns ready for any attack from their enemies (Henkes 2001). The ground color in the work is mostly brown and beige, it lacks vegetation, and there are scattered stones around the place. There is no sign of movement of the people in the picture but they are stationed at different points in the painting facing different directions. The location of the artwork is on a raised ground probably a hill (Henkes 2001). Interpretation of the Artwork. The visual outlook of the artwork has vividly been explained. From the above description, it is important to note the portrait acts a remembrance to the citizens of the important roles done by the US military and the combat soldiers in maintaining the security of their homeland during the period of Second World War. It also reminds and provides good background information for the new generations of America on the suffering and endurance that their ancient natives underwent during the war to protect the country from attacks (Henkes 2001). The portrait can also be interpreted to show the effects of the Second World War on American economy that deteriorated the economic status of the American citizens due to the mass destruction of property. This can be evident by the bare ground that is on the picture, the lack of vegetation, and the scattered stones. These show the destruction that took place. It is also evident from the picture that the soldiers also only had simple war weapons, the guns. This can mean that during the Second World War, the US military did not have adequate war equipment and mainly depended on the simple guns for defense (Henkes 2001). The brown color in the painting portrays the endurance of the American citizens during the hard times of the war that also had great effect on their economy besides affecting their social lives. The brown color also indicates unity of the people. The Second World War erupted when there was a great racial discrimination in the United States. The blacks were discriminated against by the whites and they were not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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