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Pieta by Michelangelo sculpture - Essay Example

In the story of Michelangelo’s pieta, a magnificent depiction of Mary Mother holds her crucified son, Jesus Christ in her arms. The statue represents beauty, both of life and body. Mary looks down with compassion at her dead son, with a young and beautiful face, revealed by the smoothness of her surface. The outer surface of the statue is made of a differently colored stone, which is brown in color with constant dark patches. Curved from a beautiful stone, with a similar stone forming its base, the statue maintains its consistency and compactness. Despite being a huge statue, there are no additional parts into the picture. Rather, the entire statue is set on a single stone, yet it reveals its distinctive characteristics. The finishing of the statue gives it a shiny surface, especially the characters, makes it elegant. On the other hand, the stone forming the base has a rough finning, which sets the contrast from the characters under review. The statue has a pyramidal structure, with the cortex coinciding with the Mary’s head. The structure has a narrow top, but progressively widens downwards towards the bottom, with Mary’s drapery dress widening its base. The rock of Golgotha that forms the base of the statue is wide to complete the pyramidal shape of the structure. However, the structure is huge, owing to the depiction of the two, mother and son, on a full sculpture. The structure is interesting to look at. In reality, Mary was an old woman at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. She was in

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The Works of Michelangelo, Great Renaissance Sculptor, Painter, Poet and Architect
He was born on 6 March 1475 in Caprese, a beautiful town in Tuscany, central Italy. Along with other renowned renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, Michelangelo’s works made a phenomenal impact on Western art. He grew up as an apprentice under Francesco Granacci and later under Domencio Ghirlandaio at the age of thirteen.
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The Renaissance Man in Michelangelo
The importance of these three works will also be discussed in order to present Michelangelo's status in the world of Renaissance Art in terms of being a polymath and an inspiration to many other artists, contemporary or not. Experts say that Michelangelo could be considered the archetypal Renaissance Man due to his mastery in several fields of art.
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Pieta by Michelangelo
The Pieta is a work of art which was created between 1498 and 1499, during the Renaissance period by the famous artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and was placed in Vatican City at St. Peter’s Basilica. It is the foremost of several creations of an identical theme by the artist. The Pieta was custom-made for the French cardinal, Jean de Billheres.
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Relationship of D Vinci and Michelangelo
The two artists produced very fine arts than any other artist during the renaissance period. In fact, there has been a strong debate as to who between the two artists was the greatest master. However, what many people agree about is the fact that the tow artists had many things in common.
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Looking at the monument, it is easy to identify distinctive features in the art. Set on a background that augments its choice of color, the sculpture stands out both in terms of color and texture. The vivid distinction of texture of body and apparel leaves nothing to imagination.
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Roman Pieta, Marble Sculpture and Christ of St. John of the Cross
The paper compares Michelangelo's Roman "Pieta", Marble Sculpture 1499 and Salvador Dali's "Christ of St. John of the Cross", Oil on Canvas, 1951. With over 500 years dividing their creation, with totally different world views and historical contexts, different artistic processes and materials used, these two pieces might seem to be incomparable.
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ause this cultural revival, which happened roughly between the years 1400 and 1600, had its start earlier than other countries in Western Europe within the major city-states of Italy. “The term ‘Renaissance’ might now be defined as a model of cultural history in which the
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The Statute of David
The sculpture was a representation of King David in the Bible. During the critical times of the Florence Republic’s threatening and powerful rival states along with their rival the Hegemony of the Medici Family, the Statute of David symbolized the defense of civil liberties. The Statute of David or “the Eyes of David” was later turned towards Rome.
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childhood young Michelangelo was drawn to arts, but his father discouraged him from this, considering such activity to be below his family’s social status. Nevertheless, at the age of 13 Michelangelo was apprenticed to Domenico Ghirlandaio, who was the most well-known painter
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Artist michelangelo biography
They decided returned to Florence when Michelangelo was still a kid. Michelangelo was introduced to the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio. He realized at the early age that his son had no concern or interest in the family business, so he agreed to apprentice him,
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her fifties, while Jesus was in his thirties. Although due to Jesus’ posture it is hard to make out his face, it is quite easy to make out of Mary’s face. The statue depicts her as a young mother, with her beautiful face looking affectionately at her son’s face. She is full of compassion. One hand holds Jesus on his upper back, while the other is stretched, perhaps a gesture of prayer. Curved from a piece of marble, the statue has a beautiful appeal. The characters have a shining surface, from obvious polishing of the statue. Mary sits on a stone, the Golgotha stone, the crucifixion point of her son Jesus. In her drapery dress, and headdress, she looks pretty and calm. However, the dress covers most parts of her body, unlike Jesus who is nude, with only a piece of cloth covering his waist to hide his complete nudity. He has a lean body, thin and slender, while Mary is taller, and bigger. This sets the contrast between the two of them, as Mary is the mother, while Jesus is her son. It is hard to make out the context of the statue, but a closure look at the picture reveals tiny markings on Jesus’ arms. These are points where the people who crucified him nailed him on the cross. Unlike in the real story, which holds that people drove huge nails through arms and legs of Jesus, Michelangelo chose to use simple marks to represent the crucifixion. This maintains the statue’s aesthetics, and beauty. The artist uses a complex style of sculpturing. It is amazing how he successfully pulls out every detail in the statue. Especially the


The picture, a monumental representation of Mary mother Jesus holding her crucified son, Jesus, has various physical characteristics. Looking at the picture of the statue, one can make out a number of distinctive characteristics defining the picture. The artist, Michelangelo, on a piece of marble skillfully curved the structure, leaving nothing to chance. The Pieta has detailed characteristics, owing to its physical appearance. …
Pieta by Michelangelo sculpture
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