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Enjoying Horror - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Hawkins, Joan. ‘Revisiting the Philosophy of Horror’, Film-Philosophy, vol. 6 no. 6. 2002. 13th July 2013. Summary There are various factors researchers use to explain why most people enjoy watching horror movies…
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Enjoying Horror
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Download file to see previous pages This is same as arguing people watch horror movies because they want to be frightened. The plain suspense in horror films like Paranormal Activity has enabled the movie to draw massive viewing. The movie is about young couple who placed audio-visual equipment to capture unusually activity going on in the house. The suspense in the movie is so strong because the viewers want to know the cause of strange activities. The climax of the horror comes out when zombies go on massive killings towards the end of the film (Hawkins 1). Psychological effects of horror movies on viewers also make them interesting to view. Neuroscientist argue that the neurons in human brains work in a complex way that allows human brains to think, reason and act in a different ways from other animals. They further argue that fear is an emotion derived from newly learned cautions as well as deep-seeded evolutionary factors (Hawkins 1). Analysis The catharsis theory can also be used to explain why horror movies are enjoyable. The movies are appealing due to their traffics in thoughts and emotions that have been subdued by the ego though they seem vaguely familiar. Neuroscientists believe that horror touches on elemental images in the joint unconscious. Several individuals have not repressed feelings like drowning of children or slaughtering of women, they may want to watch more horror movies in order to overcome such fears. Horror films may combine traditional horror films themes and comedy. Comedy-Horror movies are intended to scare the audience and provide humor for the viewers to laugh at their fear. Another thing with horror movies is the intense experiences it brings to the audience. This explains why young people would prefer watching horror movies. The intense experiences make their hearts race and bring out the true nature of life (Hawkins 1). McIntyre, Gina. The Horror . . . The Horror. Loss Angeles Times. 2009. Web. 4th August 2013. Summary Horror films are movies that are intended to create a sense of alarm, fear and panic among the audience. The films are usually unsettling and rely on scare tactics to capture the attention of the audience. The movies are usually centered on an evil person, event or force. “. Most horror films are set in lonely places, ruined houses, deserts or forests. The villains are bad looking individuals who could be dressed in masks. The villains live a strange life such as feeding on humans and raw meat. The victims are innocent individuals who could be out on a tour only to fall at the hands of villains (McIntyre 1) Analysis Most researchers think that the killings and blood in horror movies makes them interesting. For example, Zombie-horror is characterized by mindless beings raised from the dead. They contain zombie invasion on human territory and feed on human beings. A struggle then arises between human beings and the zombies, the Zombies wanting to feed on humans while humans are defending their territory. The struggle between the humans and zombies keeps the audience glued to their seats. However, other factors motivate the audience when watching horror movies. This could be the moral lesson that is found in such films. “If horror films reflect the anxieties of a culture, then it makes perfect sense that so many nefarious characters are emerging from the darkness: The collapse of the housing market, the menacing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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