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Analysis and Response - Movie Review Example

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‘Tokyo Drifter’ Entertainment holds a special position in human lives. Specifically, movies offer incredible contributions in this area. ‘Tokyo Drifter’ is a Japanese movie which attracted the attention of public in every sense mainly by its various filming techniques…
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Analysis and Response
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Download file to see previous pages But the desperate situations make him fight back. Remarkably, he wins over the enemies and destroys even one who betrayed him. Finally, in the climax he realizes that a drifter does not deserve a woman therefore; and leaving away his girl friend he walks towards the Club. Seijun Suzuki, a well known director of Japan introduced many techniques and tactics in this film, making it a significant one. The specific feature to be discussed and appreciated is the camera techniques. The film is the combination of black and white and color. Initially, the film received many compliments for the editing and different processes involved in image telecasting in unique style and in color. Color is rightly used at different occasions matching with the mood and situation. Most of the scenes are outstanding as color is appropriately applied. One such example for this technique is that the movie begins with black and white in color. And vibrant color is applied during the action sections, realizing that vibrant images of action scenes evoke the emotion of the viewer. The particular fight scene shows the real anger and intensity of the fighter. Therefore, the story is clearly explained without any difficulty. Color is not just given priority at a violence scene but throughout the action scenes, understanding the real applicability of it. In addition, the editing of color gained many appreciations. Moreover many believed that color is the key factor for the success of the film in the box office. Of course, it deserves certain kind of worldwide recognition. Secondly, the music and sound technique play a vital in the movie. It is the well known fact that the music is an inevitable for the achievement of every film. Surprisingly, the movie Tokyo Drifter is an exemplary example for this. Techniques used behind the music and sound demand high value. Apart from this, the song sung by the actor has greater importance which was also introduced in the film. The music of Tokyo drifter is something unique in its presentation unlike other Japanese style of music. Every music piece is organized with the proper meaning, the situation of different feelings and melodious voice. Music is as soothing to the years and mind as one of the theme related song “Tokyo drifter song” clearly indicates it. As he sings the wordings “I’m a Drifter, the man from Tokyo’ a real feeling of circumstance is experienced. Therefore, such songs tell the story and attract the attention of everyone. Eventually, no matter one would come to a conclusion that a movie with ineffective music will have a negative impact on the overall success of the movie in the box office. The most significant filming technique of the film Tokyo Drifter is nothing but the very nature of storytelling. The style of storytelling is quite unconventional. Initially, a relevant theme is selected and organized with creative and innovative ideas. Unlike all other themes he rightly selected a social issue of gangs. Although the hero shows loyalty to the boss even after a defeat, the situations push him to a new world of wandering like monk leaving everything aside. Thereafter, he takes revenge on enemies, precisely not a revenge but can be rightly said a kind of survival tactics. Since the theme and activities undertaken are adventurous, the fight scenes gained its right rhythm. The most significant part of the storytelling is the unusual and unexpected ending of the film. Such kind of climax and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis and Response Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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