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Compare and contrast the two artworks - Essay Example

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Compare and Contrast the Two Artworks Name Professor Institution Course Date Figure 1: David Smith's, Cubi XIX. Figure 2: Henry Moore's, Two Large Forms (1966-69). Artworks due to their unique messages which their respective artists wish to relay to the audiences may both differ and appear similar…
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Compare and contrast the two artworks
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"Compare and contrast the two artworks"

Download file to see previous pages In both sculptures, artists have utilized the concept of contrast intended to give varied objects comprising main artworks real implications2,3. This is to ensure each artwork despite appearing different from the other; they have brought the required meaning. For instance, the most striking and common contrast evident in these two artworks is the aspect of color-light interaction. Light in these two artworks strikes them from a source placed up diagonally in relation to the objects’ position. Hence, illuminating varied and key areas of the artworks the way a real sun would suppose it was during daytime and in the open space far from the buildings or any other shelter. However, lightning in both artworks varies considerably whereby Cubi XIX’s illumination intensity is more than that of Henry Moore's figure. This is despite the source of illumination casting shadows beneath the two works. Probably, the reason why Cubi XIX’s illumination exceeds that of Henry Moore's figure is due to its placement, which is outside as per the artist’s desire for the object to reflect any change of the natural light4. Similarly, the two objects have also utilized negative space with the intention of creating three-dimensional works5. Hence, this induces the aspect of depth evident when observing spaces and holes found in between varied objects overlapping each other without being in contact. However, in the Henry Moore's figure, its holes appear natural compared to those found in David Smith's artwork. Since, the latter due to its geometrical shapes suggest the holes comprising negative spaces are artificial, which is contrary to Henry Moore's figure6. Since, Henry Moore's artwork comprises of oval and irregular holes inside it, which is contrary to David Smith's object whose varied objects are geometric and seem to assume a certain array with the intention of attaining the required balance. Artists’ through these two artworks despite relaying diverse massages, their respective emphasizes varies considerably. This is evident in the mode of utilizing light whereby David Smith's object has increased illumination compared to that of Henry Moore. The latter artist’s emphasis encompasses depicting the entire object evident from its mild illumination, which is similar to a light produced by an artificial source, and striking an item under a shade or in a building. This is contrary to Cubi XIX, which focuses on depicting varied natural light’s alterations, which is the sun. Hence, prompting the artist to use beaten steel as the object’s sole material so that it may reflect the light as necessitated. This is evident from the varied parts of the entire objects that have high illumination intensity compared to both its rear parts and those of Henry Moore figure. Another outstanding divergence between the two objects encompasses the aspect of texture whereby Henry Moore’s artwork has an extremely smooth surface than that of David Smith's artwork7. Mainly, this emanates from the materials constituting the two respective works. David Smith's figure is not evenly smooth except in spaces or distortions made on the steel by the sculptor’s tool when shaping it to assume the required shape. However, Henry Moore in his work seems to have used a special tool in combination with hands to attain an appealing surface to feel. Since, the material comprising its artwork seems to be clay or any other similar matter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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