'...the social body constrains how the physical body is perceived and experienced' (Shilling, The Body and Social Theory, 2 - Essay Example

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‘.the social body constrains how the physical body is perceived and experienced’ (Shilling, The Body and Social Theory, 2003, p.65). How far do you agree with the above statement? Choose at least two examples of the body in culture …
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...the social body constrains how the physical body is perceived and experienced (Shilling, The Body and Social Theory, 2
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Extract of sample "'...the social body constrains how the physical body is perceived and experienced' (Shilling, The Body and Social Theory, 2"

Download file to see previous pages Traditionally, the body has remained associated with biological functions exhibited among living things. Modern times, however, have seen the development of various sociological studies; consequently creating different perceptions of bodies. In these modern times, the body has become a fundamental component of political, economic and social systems making societies (Shilling 2012). The bodies remain the functions utilised in implementing necessary changes within the social perspectives of different environments. These developments have resulted in the body being divided into different sections; the social and physical body. The physical component remains as that which can be manifested physically. It is the tangible element of a body within different perspectives. While both components co-exist in creating a solitary unit, they present significant differences when analysed properly. The physical body could be presented as that which manifests the social body, however, these elements co-exist and become difficult to separate completely. The social body could be defined as one of the numerous bodies which can be identified under the field of body studies. This body defines the sociological perspective, while exploring the sociological implications of various perspectives within social issues. Under the modern society, the body has become an element of political and cultural activity, in numerous societies. There continues to be increased interest in studying various aspects of the social body with regard to the physical body. The desire to comprehend the relationship between sociological and physical bodies continues to increase the number of studies seeking to demystify the body. While the physical body remains what can be perceived from outside, the social body reside within the physical body. The social body can only become displayed through the physical component of the same body. Realistically, the social body’s existence completely depends on availability of the physical body. The flexibility of the physical body continues to become associated with the presence of various social beliefs held by individuals. The social beliefs contribute significantly towards the behaviours exhibited by individuals within different settings (Turner 2012). The behaviours become compositions of identity to the society within proximity of specific bodies. They become accustomed to the physical body, though they certainly result from different perceptions of the social body. The social body is defined by the immediate environment hosting the particular body. The social body remains incapable of presenting itself to the society; hence, the manipulation of the social body occurs through the physical element of the body. The stability of the social body could potentially affect the physical body status. Through this developed relationship, the perception of the physical body component remains dependent on the social being. The effects of the society on individuals normally affect the social element, which in-turn becomes experienced through changes experienced within the physical body element (Schilder 1999). The social body part continues to become a constitutive component of the self, which becomes displayed through the physical body to the immediate environment. Social modernisation continues to incr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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('...The Social Body Constrains How the Physical Body Is Perceived and Essay)
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