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Art Fund Proposal - Essay Example

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Impressionism came about in the 19th century at a time when photographs were getting popular. Artists were trying to bring out qualities painting possessed which photographs did not. These include natural light, color and spontaneity. …
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Art Fund Proposal
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"Art Fund Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages Impressionists did not use color black but rather used dark greens, blues and purples to convey shadows and darkness. The impressionists included Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, August Renoir, and Edgar Degas. They painted en Plein air, meaning that the painting was outdoors and that it tried to capture those fleeting moments of beauty as well as the vivid colors that sunlight illuminated. They were less fascinated in symbolism and in a form. However the main characteristics include relatively thin, small but visible brush strokes, it involves open composition, emphasizes on accuracy in the depiction of lights in its changing qualities, ordinary subject matter, common, visual angles that are unusual and inclusion of movement.
I chose to fund on impressionist mostly because of the artists in the group. I feel they were focused and dedicated to painting. For instance Claude, Monate prioritized on the mixing of colors and then afterwards he would think of which image to paint. I also like this category of artwork due to the fact that it was motivated by photography which had started to gain popularity by then and it went on to represent momentary action in the fleeting lights of landscape and day to day lives of people.
Examples of artworks
Some of the examples of impressionism artworks that would be amusing for acquisition by the fund include Port of Dieppe, evening, 1882, water lilies, 1916 both by Claude Monet, the visitor, about 1880 by Mary Cassatt, at the cafe, about 1879, still life, 1869 by Henry Fantin-Latour Market analysis In determining the marketability of impressionist art, the price indices must be computed. Impressionist art is not a homogeneous commodity and therefore not traded in well organized markets such as stocks and bonds. It has special features which include reputation and reliability which make it be characterized by a hierarchy of sub-markets. The primary market normally involves the artist taking the artwork for sale at local exhibitions, galleries and also taking directly to the customer. This normally serves to give artists an opportunity to signal their abilities mostly to the secondary market. Selling is normally by auctioning (Agnello, 1986, 446). However, auction does not capture the fluctuations in the prices of low demand and paintings that are out of fashion. Factors that may affect demand and supply include external factors such as those characteristics that surround the sale and end up affecting prices as well as returns, sale of out-of-fashion paintings, repeat sales, selling of works that have got a low public interest. The supply is affected by the demand factor and also the availability of funds (Agnello, 1986, 447). The relationship between demand and supply for the impressionism art is similar to that of luxury goods. There is a limited supply, making art have a higher value. Also, exclusivity associated with the art normally leads to higher prices thus affecting the demand curve. The indicators that may point towards the inelastic demand curve include change in taste, threat of substitutes, pricing and accessibility and changes in income (Mamarbachi & Favato, 2013, 4) Performance of the market The vogue to invest in the art has received a large boost from the availability of the art price data (Campbell, 2013, 2). However there are a number of inefficiencies in this market art as an investment has remained risky (Ralevski, 2008, 2)The art market has lead to much stronger economic expansion in some countries including brazil, India, China, Russia and South Africa. China particularly has modified profoundly the geographical structure of the global art market. In Beijing Hong Kong and Singapore their governments support strongly major cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Art Fund Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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