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Renaissance Art - Research Paper Example

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Gothic Cathedrals Name Institution Date Gothic architectural design mostly represented in cathedrals remains to be some of the evidence of civilization in the poverty stricken and depressed middle age. The cathedrals built in Gothic architectural style represented faith, cooperation and dedication in a sane world of anarchy (Tutag & Hamilton, 1987)…
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Renaissance Art

Download file to see previous pages... The other monumental form of Gothic architectural style is the Bourges Cathedral in Bourges, France. The two works of art exhibits unique style and details, though similar in most ways, they also differ in many aspects, which forms the main basis and argument of this paper. Gothic style came into existence at around 1145 BC, a time when cathedral stylists were transforming from circular arches. The style was an expression and symbol of new faith growing out of medieval Christianity and mysticism (Monteith, nd) .Abbot Suger being the father of Gothic architecture had an intention of creating a church in honor of God by use of light to illuminate the building through tinted glasses. Suger knew that the beauty of the structure could in the mind of a viewer be viewed as symbolizing heaven. The tinted or colored glasses were considered to stand for precious gems. The two Cathedrals that depict Suger’s ideas are the Notre Dame de Chartres and Bourges Cathedrals. The Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral was build between 1146 and 1512 BC in France by Guy Nicot. Since the architectural style of the building is considered three dimensional, it was built with bearing stone and masonry. In the construction of Chartres Cathedral the masons used butters and vault style design. ...
The Cathedral too had all its one hundred and seventy windows tinted. The tinted windows created a dark and rich colored interior with the balance between the light and the darkness giving a unique style illuminating the building. Other details of the Chartres Cathedral are Christ sculpture and pointed spires which were new design to Gothic architecture, with Chartres Cathedral mainly exhibiting this style. Like the Chartres Cathedral, the Bourges Cathedral portrayed most of the same designs and techniques. Being build between 1196 and 1250, Bourges Cathedral is a three dimensional building made from masonry and stone. Advanced techniques were employed through construction of sexpartite designs. The cathedral had two dimensional ribs and six bays for support, this contrasted with Chartres cathedral that had only four bays for support. The builders of Bourges Cathedral also used arcades and flying buttresses acting as arches in an innovative way to support the wall structures. Comparison of Bourges to Chartres Cathedral reveals that both structures had tinted windows with the Bourges’s windows having a design of hagiographic circles and stories of last judgment and the Old Testament (Ma?le, 1958). Both Cathedrals portrayed an expression of new faith growing out of medieval Christian mysticism and theology. Chartres cathedral was used for concerts, meetings and religious plays. It was the sole building that could hold large crowds and most importantly, it was a place of worship. Bourges Cathedral also was used as a place of worship and was dedicated to Saint Stephen. In the construction of both cathedrals, sculptures were used to symbolize mysticism and theology. Architects of the structures had a sole ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art and select one Italian Renaissance and one Northern Renaissance piece of art
The research focuses on one Italian renaissance painter. The research also delves into the wood cut art of the Northern Renaissance artist, Albrecht Durer. Art is beauty in whatever form or style presented. BODY Italian Renaissance painting (Metropolitan Museum) Metropolitan museum Italian renaissance Stroganoff Madonna and Child Renaissance means revival (Pater 3).
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Choose an artist (painter, sculptor, or architect) from the Renaissance Era to research
This movement not only reformed and changed the set social pattern but also brought a huge reformation in the domain of art, literature and science, philosophy and music. Along with English art, Renaissance era witnessed a major change in the existing pattern of art and sculptor.
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Fine Art - Social Class as Seen Through Art from the Renaissance and the Great Depression
The art of both these periods was defined and determined by existing and evolving class relations, along with many other factors, though in different ways. The renaissance art carried the political and ideological messages of an emerging capitalist society while the art of the great depression showed a dissillusionment with capitalism and moved towards leftist ideology in hope of building a better world.
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Art in the Renaissance Period
Thus, Renaissance art elevated the understanding of the essence of man from being a creature of God to being the center of the universe. As such, all forms of art during the Renaissance sought to attain one thing—the encapsulation and expression of human beauty.
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Renaissance and humanism: human and physical geography, greco-roman revival and art & architecture
Currently, it cannot be overemphasized that computers have revolutionized the society, as depicted by the state-of-art information and communication technologies. Socially, globalization has drawn all regions of the world together, increasing interactions among the global people, as if they were in the same village.
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Difference between two time periods
In contrast, Renaissance artists demonstrate their creativity by integrating external phenomenon with their emotional interpretations in such a way that most of their works are characterized with personal expression of what is beautiful. Relatively, this paper explores the idea that renaissance artistic expressions, which had emotional roots, deviate from the artistic tradition of medieval tradition of creativity as having spiritual significance.
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The medieval era and The Renaissance Era
The medieval era began from 300 A.D with the downfall of the Roman Empire and terminated around 1400 A.D. Middle Ages art was fragmented in to minute periods namely the Early Medieval art, the Carolingian art, Ottonian Art followed by Romanesque Art and subsequently the Gothic Art. The paintings, sculptures were religious in nature.
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Italian renaissance
During this period, many changes were implemented in the society that led to the evolution of various disciplines. In emphasis, most of the works implemented by the ancient Italian icons are still valuable to the society as they serve to the improvement of the
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Art History
One of the paintings of the Institute is "The Annunciation." The painting, was credited to Mrs. James E. Scripps back in the year cc. 1650/1655. Scripps was a Detroit newspaper publisher
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As the paper highlights the new beliefs introduced in the Renaissance period offered escapism from the religious roots of art and eventually led to the development of art method that was rich in emotion and drama. There are many explanations and theories, with each one having its own rebuttal, thus, leaving room for a lot of creative thinking indeed.
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