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Culture with art - Essay Example

Thelma Golden, who is a curator at the studio museum in Harlem, makes use of works from post black artists that she works with to demonstrate the role of art in redefining culture. When artists prepare culture related works, they evoke dialogues about race and culture and may enhance understanding of a given culture. On the video Thelma portrays art as a preexisting historical perspective that entails inventions to denote important historical occurrences. She uses various references, most of which are drawn from television shows. She explains how such occurrences influenced her art. The multimedia presentation has inspired me greatly as it demonstrates the role art has played in establishing perceptions regarding the black culture (Golden Web). Sylvan Lionni work represents a new approach of abstract painters. The works include strikingly crafted mundane objects that are viewed in the course of ordinary days. Such objects include flowers, bags, and gridded printer tests. He makes use of already existing ideas or forms to make drawing. The paintings are neither allusions nor primary structures or pictures; they comprise a blend of everything. In my opinion, Lionni’s work possesses implicit objectivity. The paintings are characterized by extreme neatness and preciseness. As I looked at the works, a feeling of visual feedback was stimulated in me. At some point, it looked like the paintings were vibrating and instilled a feeling of awe in me. The feeling emanated from the way Lionni manages

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Doing gender in media, art and culture
When talking about women and sexuality one cannot forget the evergreen Barbie doll. Barbie has created an identity for herself in a world that is mostly male dominant. Her personality is such that she is the first toy to be cast in wax at Madam Tussauds and one without her Ken.
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Introduction to Modern Art and Visual Culture
This paper explores the visual culture and the modern art. With this, came the rise of an era of artistic exploration with concerns of human psychology, physiognomy and values upholding natural entitles as well as their significance and causes. This was the period when modern art was introduced with exemplary focus on visual arts.
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Low culture and Street Art
Just as postmodernism stood its ground in exhibiting a significant degree of deviation from the principles of modernism and equivalent ideologies of modernity such as structuralism, positivism, materialism, and realism, “street art” comprised the bulk of movement which was necessitated by artists who sought reform and flexible break.
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Chinese Art Influence on Western Culture
Much of modern western art is based around designs that the Chinese developed centuries ago. Up until the eighteenth century, Europeans regarded Chinese culture as superior to their own, so it made sense that they wanted to borrow Chinese art culture (Mungello 81).
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Japanese art influence on Western culture
The debut of Japanese art and civilization in the West led to the coining of the term “Japonism,” which recognizes the influences of the Japanese art in the Western society. Genova indicates that Japonism was mainly promoted by the ukiyo-e form of art (453).
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The gaze in art and popular culture
There are those who interpreted the gaze as something being directed by the viewer to the subject with a prurient interest, while others see it as an extension of racial oppression. There are also theorists who posit that some artists resisted and even capitalized on gaze to stand out and carve their niche in the entertainment industry.
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Art Culture and History
For instance, Geoffrey Chaucer's work has proved to be original and peculiar although it is based on a miscellany f literary models and traditions. The sphere f influence f Chaucer while writing The Canterbury Tales included Bocaccio's Decameron, Dante's Divine Comedy, Petrarch's Canzonere and John Gower's Confessio Amantis.
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The Blending of Art and Mass Culture
He found that posters gave him a "golden opportunity to communicate with the large public" (Medlej). Through such campaigns as that for Au Bercheron (Halter), Cassandre began to take the commercial medium of advertising and make it into an art form unto itself.
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20th century art and culture
Ethical principles and cultural values that informed the development of Western civilization are deeply rooted in its classical origins and, therefore, in its heavy reliance on the rationalist school of thought.
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Berlin Art and Culture
The aim of this paper is to have a review and research on the culture and history of architectural structures in Berlin. This period is also known as “Rococo." Baroque is thought of as an artistic style era, which portrays the tension, power and movement. It originated around 1600 and remained till 1800 century.
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to infuse elegance in the simple objects we view daily (Sylvan Web). Lionni’s work is exceptional in the way he manages to illuminate his objects to reflect both the lived and imagined form. A good example is the painting of monochromatic laundry bags, which illuminates the overlooked details by embedding conceptual properties on the objects. His practice is greatly based on social geometry (Sylvan Web; University of Oregon Web). In the interview article, Lionni admits the great influence of geometric abstraction in his work. This is quite evident in the precise nature of his paintings. Moreover, his studio practice entails connecting daily experiences with art. This view is quite similar to that of Golden, who bases most of her paintings on historical events that have been experienced. Lionni admits that there is some political association in his painting of the faded American flags. This depicts that Lionni does not object politicization of Art, just like Golden. Lionni's studio practice entails trying to find meaning in through art. This view is contradictory to that of Kramer, who feels that trying to find any meaning through art is pointless (University of Oregon Web). The other article was an interview of Susi Gablik and Hilton Kramer. The interview focuses on the meaning and future of art in a period characterized by increasing social changes. The two represent divergent ideas regarding the role of art in the contemporary society. Gablik appreciates the increasing use of art to portray different view including political and environmental related ideas. On the other hand, Kramer feels that the politicization of art is endangering the future of art. The interview was aimed at highlighting the opinions of the participants about the role of art. Kramer argued that it was inappropriate to chain art to other purposes. In his opinion, art should never be used to air political or environmental issues. The only problems that art could resolve were


This essay focuses on making connections between two multimedia presentations by Sylvan Lionni and Thelma golden and an article on an interview between Susi Gablik and Hilton Kramer. The essay will provide a distinct observation of the materials, addressing multimedia presentation…
Culture with art
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