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Exploring puzzle plots, their representation of events and complex characters and the roles of each player the invisible story t - Dissertation Example

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781508 – PUZZLE FILMS 150, 150 INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Filmmaking and for that matter the production of movies is a complete art that involves a number of independent artistic contributions. In a typical movie for instance, it is expected that the movie maker will transmit a piece of message to the audience through the use of audio-visual technicalities…
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Exploring puzzle plots, their representation of events and complex characters and the roles of each player the invisible story t
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Download file to see previous pages These elements and entities could commonly be said to include storyline, characters, plot, audience, setting, and acting – and these could be said to compose of the soft side of filmmaking. At the hard side, elements and factors such as shooting, sound, lighting, editing, cinematography, effects and publicity also go on to get the film done. A combination of both the soft and hard sides of the film making process contribute to the determination of the success or otherwise of a film. As far as the present study is concerned, much attention shall go into the soft side of film making, which comprises of elements such as storyline, plot, setting, audience, narrative, and characters. These aspects are selected because of the singular influence that they have in determining what an end user looks out for in a good or bad movie (Krzysztof, 2001). Interestingly, how well a film producer is able to put together all these forms and motifs of films together goes a long way to determine what would later come to be known as the success or failure of the movie. In most cases, when film reviewers are movies, they do so based on most of these factors and so they will remain the focus of the dissertation. Having said this, it is important to point out that the end user of films is of prime importance in this study. This is because most of the efforts of the film maker are directed at giving the end user, who is the viewer, some level of satisfaction. Not long time ago, most filmmakers are said to have viewed the end user as someone who would want to perceive movies as a passive act and so did not expect the viewer to be so much involved in decoding the movie. Imperatively, film makers presented viewers with straight forward movies that were so easy to understand and comprehend from their beginning to their end. From the 1990s, there seemed to be a paradigm shift where most filmmakers started seeing the act of viewing movies as an active practice and so the need to make the viewer play some kind of role in understanding what the whole movie was about. This is what in the opinion of many brought about the birth of quite unusual line of movies including what has come to be known as puzzle films. Generally, a puzzle film is one that gives the viewer a line of responsibility in puzzling out the plot of the movie, the solutions involved, as well as the general turn of events in the movie (Bordwell, 2002). Research Problem Several movie experts, students and teachers what has become a new trend in the presentation of the plots of movies whereby the viewer is given so many roles to play in the form of solving a puzzle of what the plot is about and how the general development of the movie unfolds. From this perspective, there are two major schools of thought that can be identified. First, there are those who hold the opinion that the fact that movie is an art should end with the movie maker and not the end user. Ultimately, these people believe that movies should be presented to the viewer as a finished product so that comprehension of the movie, its development and its value can come forth easily and without any mental stress (Borges,2002). These group of debaters therefore align themselves to the traditional way of constructing movie plots whereby the viewer visualizes the movie as a continuous linear process, just a it happens in out everyday type of narration of stories. But as much as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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