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Gustav Klimt Name: Institution: Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt is world widely recognized as the most outstanding members of the Vienna Secession (Kallir 1995, 15). Klimt was also an Austrian symbolist painter. Klimt was born in Baumgarten that is located in the Austrian Empire…
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Gustav Klimt
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Download file to see previous pages In most cases, the most fundamental subject that he focused on was on the female body. According to most of his paintings, Klimt’s works possess frank eroticism. This paper will discuss the theme of love that is evidently portrayed in several paintings by Gustav Klimt. As stipulated above, Klimt has made a vast contribution in visual arts and film studies, in relation to his paintings. In 1897, he was one of the founding members of the Vienna Secession. This group aimed at providing the young and upcoming artists to show case their talent and bring works from other artists to Vienna. In fact, this group encouraged all styles including naturalists, symbolists and realists (Kallir 1995, 23). In 1894, Klimt was commissioned to come up with three paintings that were supposed to be used for decorative purposes in Vienna University. When he completed the paintings, several critics highlighted that the material was pornographic. In the paintings, he had altered symbolism and traditional allegory to a new language that was rather disturbing. Therefore, the paintings, which were supposed to be used in decorating the ceiling of the Great Hall in the university, were destroyed because of the public outcry. Afterwards, during the late 1890s, he painted several landscapes. According to some of his works, it is also notable that nature was a prime subject to Klimt (Kallir 1995, 15). ...
1 Some of the most common paintings that reveal this theme include “The Kiss”, “Love”, “Fulfillment” and “Death and Life”. The Kiss that was painted by Klimt around 1907 is known for its gilded style (Klimt Museum 2012). During this period, Klimt was 45 years, and he was living together with his mother and his two unmarried sisters. He was known as a man with a vicious sexual appetite. Sources confirm that Klimt had fathered at least three illegitimate children. Therefore, he had a fascination with eroticism and love. This painting presents a couple with their bodies entwined and embracing. The couple is adorned in robes that are decorated in a unique style, which is influenced by organic forms of Art and Craft and the linear constructs of Art Nouveau. In this painting, the couple is positioned at the boundary of a patch of flowery field. The male figure in the picture is dressed in a robe with black and white rectangles that are placed on a gold leaf that is also decorated using spirals (Kallir 1995, 17). The male figure in the painting also has a vine crown on his head while the woman’s hair is sprinkled with flowers. The woman’s tight-fitting dress has oval motifs. Her face also dazzles forming a halo-like circle that extends to her chin in what seems like a necklace. There are various individuals who claim that the female figure in this painting is a model who was known as Red Hilda. According to several critics, this is the most popular painting from Klimt. This painting is composed of conventional oil paint that also includes gold leaf layers which give the painting an evocative appearance. Also, in this painting most critics claim that Klimt had a perverted thinking (Neret 1999, 20). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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