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Beauty as an Irreducible Quality of Art: A Focus on the Beauty of Gustav Klimts The Kiss - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the association between art and beauty, the concepts of style, aesthetics, and emotional connectivity must be contemplated. The concept of beauty must be addressed and in discussing beauty, one must reflect upon the nature of the sublime…
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Beauty as an Irreducible Quality of Art: A Focus on the Beauty of Gustav Klimts The Kiss
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Extract of sample "Beauty as an Irreducible Quality of Art: A Focus on the Beauty of Gustav Klimts The Kiss"

Download file to see previous pages Finding the elusive definition to a concept that changes through a revolving series of determinations can prove to be difficult and near impossible. However, the philosophical discussions of beauty can help to bring clarity to a concept that both is and is not based upon individual perception. How a thing is termed beautiful will depend on how it is reacted to upon viewing or experiencing it. However, there are also cultural implications that can create social definitions of beauty. One way if discerning the difference is to associate the beautiful with personal judgment, and the sublime with a social and cultural judgment.
Beauty has an irreducible quality that cannot be diminished through interpretation or criticism. When an artist designs a work of art, the intent is to create a moment that has a story that can be interpreted by the viewer. That moment is a collaboration of emotional content and
visual revelation of that content. Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe states that others in hearing about his contemporary writing on beauty and the sublime said that “beauty and the sublime (despite their prior histories) are for us eighteenth-century concepts defined by assumptions that we no longer share” (1). However, Gilbert-Rolfe disagrees with the concept that beauty and art have parted ways. Art can be considered beautiful based on a series of culturally based judgments and upon the reaction of the viewer to its emotional content.
In searching for a way to understand the concept of beauty, philosophical thought has searched for the ways in which to determine the definition. However, this pursuit creates as many questions as it does answers.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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