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Why It Was Difficult for Women to Establish Themselves as Artists - Assignment Example

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The paper "Why It Was Difficult for Women to Establish Themselves as Artists" discusses that the achievement of Rosa Bonheur strongly challenges the established traditional perceptions and firmly sets up the role of institutional change as an essential element for success in art. …
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Why It Was Difficult for Women to Establish Themselves as Artists
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Extract of sample "Why It Was Difficult for Women to Establish Themselves as Artists"

Download file to see previous pages The woman was blamed for everything experienced and she was made a subservient of the man as a punishment (Berger 47). The idea of women being made as objects to be stared at was worsened during the renaissance period, where the moment of shame dominated. The Nudes directed the shame more at the viewer rather than at each other. With time, the shame was used as a display of some kind. Though secular subjects were in use, Nudes still maintained the implication that women were aware of being gazed at. Consequently, they were not naked in their personal right, rather as naked in the eyes of men. According to Jones, another factor of Western Modernity that made it difficult for women to establish themselves as artists is seen in Berger’s illustration of the average oil paintings of the Nude, where the key character was never painted; the male spectator of whom everything had been accomplished. The European convention of not painting women’s body hair was symbolic. To them, hair symbolized passion and power, yet males perceived that these were their features. This contributed to women’s sense of inferiority and thus they lacked the motivation to become artists (Jones 230). Other factors which made it difficult for women to establish themselves as artists in western modernity Linda Nochlin reveals the failure of art and how the Western male viewpoint affected the establishment of women as artists. She refers to John Stuart Mill’s concept of how he viewed male domination as a major source of social injustice. Nochlin bases her argument that white male subjectivity was a factor that undermined women progress. Since men perceived themselves as superior, they focused on more noticeable artworks and disregarded any effort made by women.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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