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Movie Review of Julie and Julia(2009, Ephron, USA) - Coursework Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Movie Review of “Julie and Julia (2009, Ephron, USA)” Introduction Comedy is a film genre that integrates humor. This definition makes producing such films a tedious process; making people laugh is not an easy undertaking since what one may find humorous will possibly not amuse others yet the aim of every film director and producer is to sell their film to as wider an audience as possible…
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Movie Review of Julie and Julia(2009, Ephron, USA)
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Download file to see previous pages She thus develops a simple story line that touches on themes that typically everyone is familiar of. She makes the humorous natures of her story line appear more natural and free flowing. The planning and the design of the comedy drama are simple but funny in its own right. The lead character, Adam, is obsessed by food and cooking. She sets out to cook over five hundred recipes in the three hundred and sixty days in a year which is logically impossible. Adams is employed in a very busy firm where she serves at the call center; possibly she is free on the weekends. This is coupled to the fact that some of the recipes she intends to prepare are very complex and will require a lot of time to complete (Penz and Andong 210). This way, Ephron easily develops a conflict from things that people have and still consider hobbies. Adam gets literally torn apart by the amounting pressure. The recipes are expensive and eat into her finances. The pressure from work coupled with her funny social life does not let her settle down to follow the recipes properly. She thus ends up spoiling most of them which is really a waste given the fact that she invested in them. She wines and complains most of the time, a feature that Ephron further uses to create humor. She is a fully-grown adult but the voice she posses can easily pass for a twelve year old. Ephron further uses the structure of the society to add to the humor; marriage is a very sacred institution in which religious adherents believe is ordained by God. Everyone is therefore aware of the institution’ existence and understands how basic it is in the creation of a peaceful and cohesive unity in the society. However, despite the peace that the bible and other holy books preach, families have structural problems some of which are humorous. The play addresses some of the rib cracking decisions that people make in life and how they are later humorously solved. Adam’s obsession with her cookery irritates her husband who tries so much to appear supportive. In a show of love and unity within their marriage, Adam and her husband visit a book fair in Paris where she meets food enthusiasts. The two shares a number of things which makes them develop quite a strong bond. The friendship between the women goes to the men who could have otherwise never noticed each other and they too became close. When Adam’s love for cooking turns into what her husbands calls an obsession, he leaves her. This has been the trend in very many families; when one partner irritates the other, the easiest way is normally to avoid them by possibly walking out of the marriage. Very few people sit down and address the issues in their marriages because boredom sets in among the married very fast. Powell’s husbands considers himself very enduring for the time he spends with Her despite her wining attitude and her little obsessions that deny them time together. Left alone, the lady concentrates on her cooking and her new friend, they write books and try out new recipes and before long, they receive recognition and are about to become famous. In a very interesting twist, the husband who had deliberately left shows up again and Adam accepts him. The society is structured funnily and nobody takes notice of these every quite often. This is the rationale of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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