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Rain Man Not Credible, Not a Classic and Should Not Have Won the Oscar - Essay Example


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Rain Man Not Credible, Not a Classic and Should Not Have Won the Oscar

When we first meet Charlie, he is involved in exotic cars and has a kind girlfriend. Told that his father died, he reacts in a way that tells the audience all that they need to know about Charlie – his facial expression does not change, and he coldly asks the caller if there is anything else. At this point, it might be surmised that this is one cold fish. He obviously hates his father, and he explains later why he hates his father, and this story does not put him in a good light, either. According to him, he hates his father because he “borrowed” the father’s car, after the father explicitly told him that he could not borrow the car, and the father called the car in as stolen. Charlie went to jail for one entire weekend, and left home after that, refusing all of his father’s efforts to contact him.
Right then, and when it became clear that the father had tried to contact Charlie for years, the audience knows that Charlie is not only arrogant and cold, but also a spoiled brat. Charlie did not get his way on the car, and that was cause enough for Charlie to reject his father throughout the rest of the father’s life. It should have come as no surprise to Charlie or anybody else that the father would cut Charlie substantially out of the will. However, this does come as a surprise to Charlie, and it makes him very angry as well. This, too, shows Charlie for who he is – instead of being apologetic about treating his father in such a way, and realizing that he did not deserve an inheritance,

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Charlie never does feel bad about treating his father in this manner, and felt that he did, in fact, deserve an inheritance. ...
his father in such a way, and realizing that he did not deserve an inheritance, Charlie never does feel bad about treating his father in this manner, and felt that he did, in fact, deserve an inheritance. He told the caretaker for Raymond as much – that he was kidnapping Raymond because he had to use him as leverage, so that he could get the inherit that he felt that he was entitled to. All of this made his girlfriend realize the kind of person that Charlie was, and this causes her to leave. Meanwhile, Charlie meets Raymond. At first, Raymond drives Charlie crazy, although Charlie is very impressed with Raymond’s abilities. Nevertheless, Charlie constantly berates Raymond, as when Raymond refuses to fly because every airline out of America had a crash, and Raymond knew just when each crash occurred. This goes on through at least half the film, with Charlie yelling at Raymond, and Raymond going about his business. Charlie had no patience. However, Charlie had no compunctions about using Raymond when it was convenient. He did this by taking Raymond to Vegas and using his card counting abilities to his advantage. There was a major problem with this scene, however. Number one, it is unclear how Raymond helped. It would seem that he would not be able to comprehend the rules of blackjack, as he could not comprehend money in general, and it would seem that it would be impossible for Raymond to understand that he was not to say out loud which cards might be coming. Instead, it showed Raymond staring at the cards, and Charlie somehow winning, even though Raymond is not really playing and Raymond is not giving Charlie obvious answers about the cards. The transformation apparently comes when Charlie realized that Raymond was the Rain Man of Charlie’s imagination. He also


In the movie Rain Man, Tom Cruise played a character who is typical for the actor – at first, he is a cocky guy who does not care for anybody. By the end, he is transformed by some event. The problem is, what the event was in this movie was unclear. …
Rain Man Not Credible, Not a Classic and Should Not Have Won the Oscar
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