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Art of Asia: Hinduism and Hindu Art - Essay Example


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Art of Asia: Hinduism and Hindu Art

Vishnu is one of the later deities to whom was ascribed a personality, that of the Supreme Reality which preserves and sustains the universe. He is depicted in human form with a blue body with four arms. He is dressed in yellow, wears a gem around the neck, and carries in his hands a conch, a mace, and a discus. He is typically shown mounted on Shesha Nag, the thousand-headed snake. Bhagwan Vishnu, the Protector (Pandit, 2012). The shankha (conch) is used to call his faithful, and indicates that Vishnu communicates with them. The chakra (discus) is a weapon used to protect his people from evil, and the gada (mace) symbolizes the energy with which he sustains the world. The image of Vishnu signifies multiplicity; the two front arms represent his presence in the physical world and the two back arms the spiritual world. His blue color represents the eternal world where he dwells, and the yellow clothing represents the earthly or temporal world in which Vishnu is said to reincarnate himself, in order to destroy evil and uphold righteousness. (Vishnu is known to have ten incarnations, some in animal form, through which he was thought to have assisted his followers during the different stages of human evolution.) The right side of his body symbolize creativity of the mind and intellect, the left side the emotions: love, compassion and kindness.

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Indian and Southeast Asian art

The author states that South Eastern art and architecture was heavily influenced by India as well as China. Cambodia was home to the Khmer art which based the temples on Indian architecture but gave them its unique style of sculptures with voluptuous figures and serene faces. Most of SEA art forms were influenced by Indian Hinduism earlier.

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Both Byzantine and Greek gods were deeply involved with people. In the book of Iliad the gods can be seen involved with people’s war. Both of these cultures are filled with abundance of gods for each and everything. In both of these cultures, gods represented their war like attitudes.
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The decorations in the art can even be therapeutic, and some people are always excited about it (Denver Art Museum). Denver art museum is located in a rocky mountain, and the building itself is impressive in that it captures the interest of the visitor. Outside the building, there are red colored posts carved which are eye catching.
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It may even be said without exaggeration to be a way to life. Various philosophers, authors, theologians and the like have tried to fathom the abysmal depths of what this word encompasses and have only admitted to have been able to comprehend a mere speck of what is popularly termed as Hinduism.
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Buddhist Art
One of the major characteristics of the art of this period in the Indian aniconic tradition is that it keeps away from the direct depiction of the human figure in art. In the Iconic phase of the Buddhist art which extends from the 1st century CE to the present, the iconic representation of the human figure gained importance and this form of art began to represent the Buddha in human form.
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Contemporary Asia Art
Among the most important have been the opening f Tomb 3 near Anak, the excavation f numerous other tombs f the first millennium A.D., and the finds f Buddhist art in the stone stupas and near the monasteries. This extensive archaeological research by Korean scholars has done much to clarify the development f Korean art.
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It was a surprise that the deities of Hindu mythology date millennia back, to 7200 BC. when the hymns of the Rig Veda came into existence. The Vedic gods are described as “abstractions” and not actual personages; they stand for the elements of nature such as air, water, and fire (Indian Divinity, 2012)…
Art of Asia: Hinduism and Hindu Art
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