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The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci and the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden - Term Paper Example

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The researcher of this essay compares two paintings, The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Leonardo da Vinci and St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden. he Renaissance, which originated in Italy, transformed the cultural context of Europe in general…
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The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci and the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden
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"The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci and the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden"

Download file to see previous pages The paper "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci and the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden" compares two paintings, The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Leonardo da Vinci and St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden. The compare and contrast study of the works The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Leonardo da Vinci and St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden prove that Leonardo da Vinci’s work is symbolic of the origin of Renaissance art and Roger van der Weyden’s work is symbolic of the growth and development of art. In this essay, the subject under discussion is divided into two: compare and contrast study (visual effect, content) and discussion (significant influences on the artists’ painting styles). One can easily identify that the work The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne is visually rich because the same deals with life. Joanne Mattern pointed out that, “The painting depicts the Virgin Mary, the baby Jesus, and Saint Anne”. The work is visually attractive because the same is interconnected with the events that can be seen in daily life. Comparing with Leonardo da Vinci’s work, the visual effect of the work St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden is not much attractive, but the same deals with a Biblical theme. For instance, St. Luke’s presence in the painting is symbolic of religious significance, not motherly love. But in the painting The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, St. Anne enjoys her grandchild’s playful attitude. ...
On the other side, Roger van der Weyden selected religious iconography as the theme of his work and it influenced the visual effect of the same. Fred S. Kleiner stated that, “The panel depicts the patron saint of painters drawing the Virgin Mary using a silver point (a sharp stylus that creates a fine line)” (406). In the painting St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, both St. Anne and the Virgin Mary symbolize motherly love and affection toward humanity in general. In Leonardo da Vinci’s work, infant Jesus’ attitude towards the lamb is symbolic of the hardships to be suffered by him in future. So, Leonardo da Vinci’s work’s content is interconnected with the Holy Bible. Similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s work, Roger van der Weyden made use of Christianity as the theme, but he altered the content to a different level. For instance, Saint Luke’s presence in the work is symbolic of artistic creativity. On the other side, Virgin Mary and infant Jesus are symbolic of Christian faith. So, one can easily identify that Roger van der Weyden’s work is an amalgamation of artistic creativity and Christian faith. B. Discussion: Leonardo da Vinci’s painting style is deeply influenced by his master Verrocchio. At the same time, his interest in sculpture and architecture influenced his painting style. Besides, his paintings are symbolic of the relationship between human beings and Mother Nature. Frank Zollner stated that, “Besides studies of the models usually found in artist’s workshops, Leonardo also made equally important studies from nature” (8). For instance, Leonardo da Vinci made use of the background of his works to portray nature. At the same time, the influence of science can be seen in his artworks. His works are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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