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On Eye Will Always Be With You Movie - Essay Example

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Eye Will Always Be With You Eye Will Always Be With You: Michael has everything going for him in life until his world is turned upside down, and the journey that he goes on is one that he never imagined was possible. Act I Because of his status as a famous baseball player, Michael is one of the most instantly recognizable faces around town…
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Essay on Eye Will Always Be With You Movie
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"On Eye Will Always Be With You Movie"

Download file to see previous pages However, despite all his fame and fortune, Michael feels incredibly lonely at times. His father, Phil, is virtually never around home because he spends a large part of the year traveling around the world as a symphony orchestra conductor. Up until now, Phil has been able to make up for his long absences with expensive gifts from the four ends of the earth. On the other hand, Michael’s mother, Sarah, is completely the opposite type of character; she is very weak physically as a result of a recent stroke. As such, Sarah cannot travel as much as Phil does. Despite her limitations, Sarah is a strong-willed woman who tries her best to keep Michael in check. Because of their close proximity to each other, Michael and his mother have a close yet sometimes fractured relationship. To make up for her lack of mobility, Sarah has made use of Julia, who works as a servant around the family home. Life for Michael couldn’t be better when tragedy strikes – he suffers a facial injury during a baseball game that could result in the loss of sight in both or one of his eyes. At first, Michael does not know what to think. Ever since he was a young child, his goal was to become a professional in one of the bigger leagues. If he cannot recover from this injury, his lifelong dream may be in jeopardy. After flying to a specialist eye hospital many hours away, the doctor examines Michael and then informs him of some depressing news – Michael has suffered massive internal bleeding that has the potential to threaten his long-term eyesight. However, there is one small ray of hope that Michael clings onto for dear life. It might be possible for him to have an operation to regain his eyesight, but only after his internal bleeding is cured. This is a process that may take up to two years and is a long shot at best. Act II Although Michael still hopes that he will regain his eyesight, common sense tells him that he should just forget about it. Thoughts like these continue to consume Michael to the point where he feels like abandoning his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. During this time, Sarah feels as though Michael needs some kind of extra support, so she suggests that he goes to see a counselor. Michael does not appreciate this suggestion, as he feels like that would only make him feel worse. Even though Michael does not take up his mother’s offer, he at least has the decency to listen to the encouragement that she has to give him. Sarah feels heartbroken that her son may not be able to function fully in society, let alone baseball, because she truly understands what it is like to not be able to participate in everyday ordinary activities. Michael’s fear is that if he is not able to regain his eyesight, his father might think less of him. Phil is someone who sets high standards not only for himself, but for everyone else around him. For Michael, being unable to live up to the kind of person that his father is would be a huge letdown. Just as Michael’s state of mind is improving, his world comes crashing down once again – his girlfriend, Stephanie, leaves him due to his lack of sight. Michael is always very self-conscious of his blindness, but to be tossed away like a dead tree branch really hits him hard. Before his injury, Michael had become engaged to Stephanie, and they were in the process of planning their wedding when he lost his eyesight. This just further drives a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Eye Will Always Be With You Movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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