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Visual Arts Analysis of Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints - Essay Example

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Complete Visual Arts Analysis of “Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints” by Giotto Di Bondone Italy, through the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence, keeps pride at preserving a remarkable statement of art and cultural heritage in Giotto Di Bondone’s creation of ‘Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints’ during the early Renaissance period within c…
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Visual Arts Analysis of Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints
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Download file to see previous pages The contour and definitiveness of the black veil which highly contrasts the mild flesh suit of her child indicates how the Madonna, in the simplicity of her aura and strength in character as a mother, manages to secure the innocent even to beyond a physical warm keeping. The delicate treatment given to the shapes, especially of the painting’s chief concerns and the shades cast about the throne seemingly manifest gradual departure from the Byzantine standards so as to entertain a style which takes to greater consideration keen details of human sentiment. This naturalist approach may be observed to have been pioneered by Giotto Di Bondone in the way he worked with colors and symbolic arrangement of figures in space which chiefly acquired a linear perspective to serve his purpose of radiating inner human experience. Such modifications in the convention of Western art can be attributed to the essence of marking a transition from the grieving centuries of the Middle Ages to the much sought-after tranquility in the time of Renaissance by which intellectual restoration in arts, sciences, and humanities flourished. Since this period entailed new hopes for the European nations waiting for enlightenment to be ushered back in full measure, Giotto took the opportunity of getting critical attention in his involvement with artistic reformation which may be perceived in most of his murals and frescoes (“Giotto-The Inventor and Innovator”). The undertones of past suffering during the Dark Ages through the chosen mood of shades and the artist’s strokes of varying sharpness or lightness signify Giotto’s innovative contribution in allowing discernment of certain relevant human emotions flow out of the general impression the enthroned structure makes. It particularly responds to the summon of Renaissance for people to obtain back their religious faith and reverence toward the church and its superior role of resolving medieval lack of spiritual vitality as one further understands the painter’s idea of substantial expansion when Giotto seated the Madonna and child on the throne for which he provided a generous portion of space which likely represents the continuous sensibility of religion and the adherence to the struggling progress of Christianity. The ‘rebirth of learning’ during the Renaissance period had truly shed light of regaining profound interests in several disciplines, especially in the fields of fine arts and architecture where the beauty of intellect flourished back to heights after the Dark Ages among the European nations. As the increasing pursuit for artistic excellence vividly reflects in the exquisite creations of genius artists like Giotto, others were equivalently inspired to develop art forms based on their revolutionary capacity. The ability to achieve prominence and the desired stimulus in the simplicity of style or in less intricate patterns may have influenced the 15th century contemporaries of Giotto Di Bondone to acquire similar interest of attaining to flexibility of form. As such, the three-dimensional persuasion of Leonardo Da Vinci in ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’, c. 1491-1508, made central the well-lighted faces to locate emphasis upon a sublime moment of holiness and humility in the manner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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