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Black Women in Modern Science Fiction Media: Rosaria Dawson in Men in Black 2 - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Black Women in Modern Science Fiction Media: Rosario Dawson in Men in Black 2 Black women in modern science fiction media play roles that tend to showcase societies that are generally run by females. These roles also try to show that black women are now strong and independent since they attempt to fight gangsters who are mostly men and they also appear rebellious and strong spirited…
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Black Women in Modern Science Fiction Media: Rosaria Dawson in Men in Black 2
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Download file to see previous pages Rosario Dawson is an actress known to give outstanding performances and this can be seen in the movie ‘Men in Black 2’. ‘Men in Black 2’ is a science fiction action comedy that was released in 2002. Rosario Dawson is one of the casts who plays the role of a waitress (Childs 114). Dawson received an opportunity to portray characters played by black actors, that is, Will Smith in Men in Black 2. ‘The rise of male actors of color who are seen as “having box office” and thus are able to headline a film has in this regard been a boon to Rosario Dawson’s carrier’ (Beltran 169). Her role in ‘Men in Black 2’ has been able to show that black women have become empowered and that they have a voice of their own. This is seen when she fights in an aggressive and physical manner when need arises. This shows that black women are no longer just sidekicks to men but they can also take care of themselves in difficult times (Hunzer 247). Rosario Dawson is an activist who has carried out workshops and lectures addressing gender, race and class issues that face women, especially women of color in the film industry. In a show titled ‘Miss Representation’, Rosario Dawson talked about the importance of women to be the writers of their own stories. This will enable consumers of the film industry understand how women are truly perceived by the society. She also said that women representing themselves are very important in the film industry as this will avoid misrepresentation. Rosario Dawson pointed out the fact that the American film industry is extremely toxic for women especially black women as they are portrayed as a marginalized group. She has continued to call for an entertainment climate that gives more female actresses the opportunity to take part in leading roles. The film industry has used real women as props to portray all other women at large as stupid and desperate and to portray women of color as dependent on men and also ignorant. Rosario Dawson therefore urges individuals to take it upon themselves to change the way women are represented in the film industry. First of all is that everyone should try to support positive media that makes effort to represent women in all their diversity. This has been achieved by a vibrant media community in America in which black actresses have a voice of their own and have also been reflected as experts, just the way it has been encouraged by Rosario Dawson. Rosario Dawson further urges individuals to provide their support and participate in a dynamic media justice movement as this will play a huge role in transforming the media. She also encourages development of programs that teach journalism ad filming to women, people of color as well as the low income people as this will help these silenced communities to tell their stories through film. These programs will enable individuals to become media literate and, therefore, active and critical media consumers. Rosario Dawson has also taken part in dialogues about the harm representation of black women by the film industry. She appeared in the show ‘Miss representation’ and talked about how the media only exploits the most destructive aspects of completion therefore making women be their own enemies through series of lying and backstabbing. She further states that the media rarely portrays healthy and realistic shows that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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