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In a Better World by Susanne Bier - Movie Review Example

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The paper "In a Better World by Susanne Bier" discusses that Susan Bier has raised the most thought-provoking ethical dilemma through her Danish melodrama, In a Better World that revolves around the lives of people living in two different countries under different circumstances…
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In a Better World by Susanne Bier
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Download file to see previous pages His separation from his wife Marianne has made an impact on the lives of his two sons, specifically, their separation has influenced on the life of his 12 years old son, Elias, who becomes the victim of school bullying. On the other hand, we have a life of Christian who has just shifted back to Denmark from London with his rich-businessman father, Claus. Both of the men are suffering from the death of Christian’s mother, who just died due to cancer. Christian accuses his father of hiding the real state of his mother’s condition till the last moments. With so much anger that is buried deep inside him, he confronts Elias’ oppressors. On one hand, the boys were trying to overcome the schoolyard bullying and, on the other hand, Anton is dealing with a challenging situation in the Sudanese refugee camp. His problem revolves around a person who terrifies his people by cutting open the stomach of the women he sexually assaulted and impregnated in order to verify the gender of his child. Anton is not sure whether he should or he should not save the life of such a person. Theme and Story of the Movie: The theme of the movie revolves around justice, equality and freedom. ...
The whole idea revolves around how Anton fulfills his commitment to his profession and how Christian establishes freedom for the young guy. The story also revolves around the complexities that have surrounded the relationships in society. For instance, Christian relationship with his father, Anton’s with his wife and the emerging friendship between the young Christian and Elias. It projects how relationships can influence a person’s life and how strong or weaker a person can become with or without a sincere relationship in his life. These are a few of the things that people and society, in general, lack today. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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