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Portlandia Television Show - Movie Review Example

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The paper discusses the ways in which Portland is portrayed to its audience, which parts of Portland city are presented in the film, and how people look like in the show. It also discusses how the people in the film talk, and what people from Portland and outside Portland think about the show…
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Portlandia Television Show
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Extract of sample "Portlandia Television Show"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will discuss whether the film is well-done or not, whether there should be a season three or not, and if there should be, which topics should it address. To the audience, at a first glance, Portlandia looks like a coterie television series that could only be clear to former university radio disc jockeys in their late 20s and early 30s. Featuring the dubious trio of Saturday Night Live's Sleater Kinney, Carrie Brownstein, and Fred Armisen, Portlandia is created atop a complicated system of allusions, nods, and winks. Andrew Singer and Jonathan Krisel directed the film specifically to post-hipsters, post-post-punk viewers, and to post-collegiate (Sidereel 1). Its humor might effortlessly alienate viewers from a variety of demographics. The series, which just concluded its leading season, turns this slim focus into its greatest force (Sidereel 1). Parts of the city that are presented in the show are In Other Words. It refers to a feminist bookstore that sells mostly books for ladies. The book store features heavily in season one. The second place is the Gilt Club. Gilt Club refers to the restaurant which Fred and Carrie try to find out facts regarding chicken in the pilot episode. The third place that features mostly in the show is Oblique Coffee Roasters. This refers to the place where Fred and Carrie meet with the mayor of Portlandia to discuss setting up a basketball team for Portland. Voodoo Doughnut is also one of the major spotlights of the show (Sidereel 1). The joint was dominant during the scavenger hunt where the team looked for clues in the doughnuts. Portland Esplanade was also covered in the show. Portland Esplanade was where the music video for Dream of the ’90s was shot. Wealth Underground Farm was also covered in the show. The farm was seen in the pilot episode at the time Carrie and Fred fell under the influence of its charming leader. Finally, the place where the rehearsal dinner took place is referred to as the Cathedral City Park. In relation to how people in Portlandia look like, numerous social practices occur outside the art world, both public and private in nature. Portlandia citizens have these personalities. One explanation of why they are concerned with social practice is because it concerns expanding the potential of art practice. They prove that art is not a professional, elite or a lone act. It can be a spirit or a means of living in the world. The Portlandia citizens are seen as supporters of this spirit. With regards to the way people in the show talk, the tone is set from the leading episode. Coming back from a trip in Portland, Fred asks Carrie: “Do you ever think of the 90s? Individuals were conversing about getting piercings, having tribal tattoos and they were singing about saving the world and setting bands. There is still a region where that thought lives.” Fred also reminds Carrie of the poem concerning Portland which recommended sleeping till 11 in the morning and not doing any job. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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