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Directors in Film Industry - Essay Example

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Date Directors Directors play a very crucial role in visual arts and film industry; the success or failure of visual arts and film work depends majorly on the performance of a director. While it takes efforts by various artists to develop or create particular parts of art scene or piece, it requires a director to undertake the role of unifying and supervising the vision…
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Directors in Film Industry
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will compare and contrasts the style and technique of two directors: Sergio Leone and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Sergio Leone and Alejandro Jodorowsky are considered as great directors as they were successful in their directors’ roles, which spanned over several decades. In particular, Sergio Leone managed to merge his own brand of epic myth-making and his movie-made dreams to create films that performed exceptionally well and earned the generic signature of their own. Although the films that he directed such as “the Good, the bad and the Ugly”, For a Few Dollars More, and A Fistful of Dollars” had initially been mocked as being nihilistically violent spaghetti Westerns, they stirred up the floundering genre which turned Leone into an internationally-acclaimed director (Frayling 47). Leone is not just considered a great director based on the films that he directed, but also based on the huge influence that he had in the film industry from the late 1960s until the time of his death in 1989. More importantly, Leone is credited for establishing a parallel filmmaking education thereby inspiring and nurturing many upcoming artists in the industry. His creativity made him to be adored in the film industry; in particular, the film titled “A Fistful of Dollars” (1964) was a sheer display of creativity. This film was centred on a gory conflict that involved a sly gunslinger and rival families and was a re-imagination of hallowed Western myths. The movie had pastoral settings accompanied by folk instruments, sound effects, and surf guitar. It is the subsequent films that he directed that sealed his status as one of the world’s premier directors. A more expansive sequel that he directed “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (1966) was popular in Europe and America despite criticism from some quotas that he was desecrating the Western. Besides, this film revived Hollywood’s interest regarding the ailing genre, thereby creating avenues for new cycle of Western critics (Frayling 105). Like Sergio Leone, Alejandro Jodorowsky was an equally great director and he made his mark in the visual arts and film industry. Most cult cinema enthusiasts venerate him and his contribution in the film industry is acknowledged wide and far. His films presented magical and strange visions that cannot be understood or categorized easily. It is important to note that his role in the film industry was informed by his life experiences and beliefs. Particularly, Jodorowsky was informed by his spiritual journey (Cobb 38). Therefore, it is not surprising to see his cinematic output being filled with a hybrid blend of religious provocation and mysticism, as well as violently surreal images. Not only did his films provide entertainment to the audience, but also inspired youth counterculture movement specifically in the late 1960s and some early years of 1970s. His greatness is depicted by the fact that unlike other directors who were celebrated as contributors in critical establishment, Jodorowsky gained his prominence by bringing esoteric and surreal sensibilities to the screen through his controversial films such as El Topo, and Fando y Lis. His greatness is also depicted in the multiple capabilities that he had: he wrote films, he starred in some of personal films, as well as scoring and directing the films. Additionally, he brought new ideas and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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