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Postmodernism and Media - Research Paper Example

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The media had proven to be the most effective way to convene the public of various messages and information. This however may be contradicted by the theories and opinions of postmodernists. What is postmodernism?…
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Postmodernism and Media
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Download file to see previous pages It would be the harmonious sequencing of details to emerge as one. Postmodernism has influenced some if not all forms of the arts whether performed or written. Others may perceive that postmodernism, in the more modern and in some technological aspect, to be affecting the social media as it could be affecting or contravening the classical capitalism. In this sense, though there is a harmonious mixture of transformation, there are also events that may have affected other aspects of the economy, government or the media itself.2 A theory of postmodernism said to have pronounced the “end of the real.” With the aim of postmodernist to infuse transformations, it did not claim any exclusion therefore media is not excluded from these changes. A concern that can be brought about this is that the public would be given a very hard task of knowing what is real and what is not. Though this will bring out the instincts and curiosity of the audience, people often have a tendency to believe more what is seen rather than what is yet to be discovered through rigorous reading and investigation. There can be various reasons and objectives as to why and what transformations and complexities postmodernism introduce to various media forms.Before, the only thing which could be fictional is the story of a particular movie or series. With the availability of technology, currently it is also possible that the characters in these forms of media can a fictional or an animated one. Maybe during the first few years or decades of postmodernism, the audience were giving their full attention as to knowing what new ideas or innovations would be brought up. This could be the negative effect of technology not just in media but even with postmodernism. As time passes by, people have seen what technology can do to a movie or a series since none of the two are broadcasted or aired live. The film could have been edited, recorded and re-recorded a hundred times. There are instances that the editions and transformations made to the film makes it quite similar to other films earlier produced. This could affect the attention-span of the viewers.5 As Jameson further stated, “the analogy between media and market is in fact cemented by this mechanism: it is not because the media is like a market that the two things are comparable; rather it is because the “market” is as unlike its “concept” (or Platonic idea) as the media is unlike its own concept that the two things are comparable. The media offers free programs with which the consumer has no choice on the content and assortment whatsoever but the selection is then rebaptized “free choice.”6 Believing what is seen is more convenient for some rather than reading an endless text which could lead no nothingness and further cluelessness. Though the audiences are more intelligent in comparison to audiences from previous decades, there are still those who could not distinguish what is real and what is not. For some, media will always be the same but not for Bignell as he classified media to be old and new. Elaborating on this idea, Bignell stated that “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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