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Vincent Van Gogh - Research Paper Example

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Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most outstanding artists of the nineteenth century. Gogh noticed his superiority in art during his early school days and he lived his life to fulfill his passion in drawing. This essay will, therefore, focus on Gogh’s life and career as an artist…
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Vincent Van Gogh
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Download file to see previous pages In 1866, his father transferred him to a boarding school at Zevenbergen. The transfer proved to be disastrous to his life due to the fact the he was an introvert. This made it difficult for him to associate and make friends in the new school. In addition, people from the new school harassed him due to his peculiar characteristics. In September 1886, he joined Willem II College in Tilburg province. This school meant a lot to his life and career as an artist since he got the chance of meeting Constantijin a famous artist from France. At this school, Constantijin worked as a teacher and he was able to note the peculiar characteristics in Gogh within a short period. Although Gogh had a good relationship with his teachers from the new school, he decided to drop out of school in 1868 due to lack of interest with school duties and procedures. In 1869 his uncle Cent, connected him to an art dealer who owned Goupil & Cie, which was a leading art company in Hague. This marked the beginning of his career as a professional artist. After joining Goupil & Cie Company, his supervisor immediately noticed his outstanding skills and placed him in a training program in order to refine his artistic skills. Gogh completed his training secession in 1873 and he was immediately transferred to London where he worked for Messers Goupil & co. This transfer became a source of motivation for his career since he was earning more money than his fellow artists were (Callow 46). Life in London however turned against him as his was rejected by his first lover Eugenie Loyer. The dark moments of his lie returned to him and he returned to his solitary life. His father and uncle noticed this behavior and they arranged...
Gogh is mainly remembered for his paintings that portrayed a high degree of beauty, bold colors and emotions. In addition, most of his audience described his paintings as honest due to the life expressions that they possessed. Gogh is also considered as one of the most influential artists of the nineteenth century due to the work that he did within his 37 years of life. His life was intensive since he started drawing at an early age. By the time he had attained 37 years of age, he had produced approximately 2,000, which consisted of about 800 oil paintings.
His life involved many turnarounds and each of them inspired him to produce a work of art. Gogh mainly concentrated in oil painting with most of his work done on canvas. His painting on the Potato Eaters 1885 was the first piece of work that put him in the public domain. This painting was inspired by the life of many peasant farmers who lived in Netherlands. The painting, however made the local Catholic Church priest to condemn him. The Skull with a Burning Cigarette 1886 is also among his most celebrated works of art. He did this painting on canvas and it was first displayed in Hague. The main motivation behind this painting was the changing lifestyle among the Europeans.
Gogh noticed his superiority in art during his early school days and he lived his life to fulfill his passion in drawing. Gogh encountered many events during his life, which he transferred into paintings. His paintings demonstrated the life of ordinary people that surrounded him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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