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Carrie Fisher - Bipolar Disorder - Research Paper Example

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Carrie Fisher- Bipolar Disorder One of the challenges our society is facing today would be the problem of physical illnesses. Some of the most heard names in this category would be Cancer, Leukemia, Diabetes, Asthma, and a lot more. All these, though are proven to be influenced by genes, are also triggered by certain lifestyle that we are in today such as eating unhealthy food, lack of physical activity, smoking, and a lot more…
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Carrie Fisher - Bipolar Disorder
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"Carrie Fisher - Bipolar Disorder"

Download file to see previous pages Bipolar Disorder is one that has been affecting so many lives until now. To be able to understand this better, Bipolar Disorder is commonly known as manic-depressive illness which is one kind of brain disorder that causes one to have an extreme change of mood, energy, and activity levels that prevents one to carry out a day to day task. Though the symptoms are not easily seen as a mental disorder, it is usually severe (NIMH · Bipolar Disorder., n.d.). As opposed to mood swings that could be affected by menstrual cycle, a sudden change or turnaround of circumstances, bipolar disorder is a continuous cycle that cannot be controlled. It can result to inconsistency, poor performance at work, or even suicide. However, what is great to know is that this can be cured through a series of rehabilitation programs. One of the most famous cases of Bipolar disorder would be that of Carrie Fisher. She is an American actress, novelist, and a screen writer that no doubt put most of her life in the spotlight. However, things started getting a bit blurry when Carrie started not being able to sleep or stop talking which she thought was just part of being in Hollywood. According to one article, she immediately resorted to trips to rehabilitation centers as she abruptly realized it was nothing but depression that was causing her to act a certain way (Carrie Fisher and her life with Bipolar Disorder | bphope., n.d.). This presentation of Bipolar Disorder is inconsistent as this certain disorder is believed through study and experience as one that is not easily spotted when it starts. The symptoms are always considered as the effects of another problem and never considered the main problem. For a lot of people, they suffer for years first before they realize they are suffering from bipolar disorder. In the article I am citing on Carrie Fisher’s battle with Bipolar Disorder, the author pointed out that Carrie started acting out extreme emotions when she was in her adult years, while she was on top of her game. Well, this is a consistent fact about Bipolar Disorder as it is one that usually develops in one’s late teens or early adult years though almost half of all cases start before the age 25 (NIMH · Bipolar Disorder., n.d.). Another interesting fact about how the author foretold the case of Carrie is that, finally, when Carrie Fisher was able to learn about her Bipolar disease, she did not hide it from the public or seen it as something that needed hiding. Instead, she chose to make her battle against it part of her public persona by even speaking about it in public to help others who are suffering from the same illness overcome it. This is consistent with the reality of the disease as Bipolar Disorder is a long-term illness that cannot be cured by one time intake of medicine but is something that could be defeated through a step by step effort everyday, all throughout a person’s life. With this inspiring story that is shared to us until today through the life of Carrie Fisher, we all must know that mental diseases are something that we must take seriously. This is because of the number of families today that cease to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Carrie Fisher - Bipolar Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Carrie Fisher - Bipolar Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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