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Art Review on Piece of Art Work by Ber Vasques - Essay Example

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Art Review Insert Art Review This piece of work is called The Pink Sheriff. It was done by Ber Vasquez. He did this using wood, thread, fabric dyes and fabric. Vaquez did his work by dying men’s underwear using a white and a pink color…
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Art Review on Piece of Art Work by Ber Vasques
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Download file to see previous pages With these stencils he sprayed dark pink paint, which fell onto the sewed pink lines. Regarding the face, the artist used pieces of men’s underwear. He sews the face using this underwear, which had been dyed using different intensities of pink color. This sewing created a great interaction between the external and the internal contours (Cuff & Mattson, 1982). The Spanish adjectives used here had a significant meaning. These adjectives are words that cam up as a result of the subject being portrayed, in other words, the portrait’s subject. These portraits include Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County in Arizona. The artist also had a consideration for those audiences who were not Spanish, for instance the English audience. This consideration can be reflected by the fact that the artist used Spanish words, which are understandable to English speakers. These words used are cognates to English. For instance, facista, segregacionista and racista are the different Spanish words, which may mean face, segregation and racist. The portrait was a prison warden. The artist had noticed something about the warden that was a matter of concern. In order to blow the whistle, he applied his artistic capacities to express his point. In the portrait, the artist was capturing the features that were associated with the warden. His portrait was made using pink dye since he was fond of making the prisoners under his responsibility wear pink underwear. Therefore, this was an art of stereotypical and comical stripped uniforms (Grant, 2010). The person portrayed by the artist is famous for his support for Arizona’s Act, The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act. The law enforcement officers used this act in determining the immigration status of an individual especially when the suspicion is reasonable enough that the person is illegitimate immigrant who is only after perpetration of racial profiling. The jail that the portrait is in charge is in bad books since it is accused of violating inmate’s constitutional rights. They for instance, endanger the health of the inmates by denying them medical attention even when they have serious mental and medical issues (Huxley, 1982). The portrait, therefore, reveals the bad side of the prison warden. The department of justice is looking for him so that he can cooperate in the investigations accusing him of unconstitutional seizures and searches as well as discrimination. Therefore, the artist accomplished his goal by beating him in is own game. He used his techniques to hit back at him. He stripped him, compromising his masculinity and then went ahead to dishonor or disrespects him in his own official portrait. What is challenging regarding him is the idea of understanding his hate. It is also harder for his violence, pride and denigration of human beings to be understood since he is an officer, who is expected to be far away from this (Reyner, 2007). The examination of the Ber Vasquez’s image also brings into focus a couple of ideas and messages that were meant to be communicated during the creation of this particular work of art. Consequently, it is very possible to break the image into smaller parts in order to obtain a vivid understanding the whole image. By this deconstruction, it is clear that the interpretation of the ideas conveyed by the image would come not from the actual meaning of the image, but from the different roles played by the different components ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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