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Francisco De Goya's The Third of May and Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading The People - Research Paper Example

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Francisco De Goya’s The Third of May and Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading The People By Jason Henry Delacroix and Goya are two artists who portrayed two different revolutions. They are both of the Romantic school but Delacroix slowly moved towards the Realist school of art…
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Francisco De Goyas The Third of May and Eugene Delacroixs Liberty Leading The People
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Download file to see previous pages How the bodies are displayed and the forms of the hands are highly significant. Light, color and the use of movement will be shown as a force of submission and success in continuing the discussion of each revolution. To conclude, it will be summarized how Delacroix's Liberty, Leading the People and Goya's 3rd of May, 1808 are two different revolutions not from a historical perspective but from an artistic perspective giving each social and artistic significance. Delacroix's painting is memory of the revolution of 1830. King Charles X had been dethroned in 1830. The government was dissolved. The country was in recession. The people were hungry, angry and in the streets. When Napoleon took over, Delacroix painted his famous painting, which is full of symbolism. The young woman took on mythological form as she contrasted the light against her body. (Ringbom 273) "The young boy is also at the side of Liberty, where he stands as a page in classical mythology. (Ringbom 273)The man in the top hat was said to be Delacroix. As there is much controversy, it can be said that the painting has many social classes. Personally, he would not be allowed to hold a musket if he were one of the bourgeois. The painting was done during the romantic period. The woman on the mound with her breast showing is an indication that the school still exists. She is romantic goddess who saves the nation. The painting is full of energy and emotion. There is movement. Though there are bodies that are merging into each other, they are realistically portrayed. This is the beginning of the realist school, which is to come during Delacroix's life. The bodies in the painting show no blood. Two of them are soldiers and one is a civilian without pants in which the symbolism could be the change of a nation keeping the culture of that nation (blue sock). It is the same blue of the flag, the jacket and the sock. The feet and the bodies are in proportion with each other. Though the one body is missing clothes and is in the position of Jesus, it has been repositioned in a very different angle. The refreshing blue and red help create light. There is no fear and the victorious are the people rather than the soldiers. The man looking up to the Liberty Lady is dressed in red white and blue. The other side of the Seine is a white cloud of smoke. The blue sky is covered. Delacroix makes a difference between the position of the people's bodies and the soldier's bodies. Some of the soldiers are lying on their stomachs. The hands of the dead soldiers are old and shriveled. They show that they have been dead for a while or that they are old and no longer have a position in society. This use of symbolism shows that the French people are tired of the old rule. The hands of those who are dead or alive have hands that are perfectly proportioned. Both buildings are visible in their respective painting. Delacroix has more perspective than Goya by the use of lighting. His painting is during the day. His background is lighter and more precise. Delacroix was a storyteller in his paintings. It is felt by his vibrancy. The buildings are also a sign of the future to come. It is not to destroy society but to destroy those who control society. Goya's portrayal of the people is more in romanticism. Though he was able to capture emotion, his portrayal of figures was proportional but he did not draw them with details in which Delacroix used. His painting is far more emotional. "The Spanish Guerillas persisted as despite the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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