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Movie Adaptation - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Movie Adaptation Introduction 1) The Player (1992) The Player is an example a self-reflective movie. A self- reflective movie is a movie that does not narrate the story behind the movie but rather focuses on the way the film industry as a business runs in this case the Hollywood movie industry…
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Movie Adaptation essay
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"Movie Adaptation"

Download file to see previous pages Several scenes in this movie depict self-reflection. For instance; Griffin Mill a movie executive is stalked and threatened by a screenwriter whom he rejected. Mill sets out to find his stalker and kill him. He later gets a note informing him that he killed the wrong man. Mill offers his stalker to make his movie for silence. The greediness of Hollywood movie makers is brought out here. Mill then betrays Cahain, the mysterious writer, by getting into a romantic affair with Cahain’s girlfriend, June. June later tips Mill on the whereabouts of Cahain giving Mill the chance to murder him. Mill and June fall in love and live together depicting the immorality in Hollywood. 2) Double Indemnity (1994) Double Indemnity by Billy Wilder is considered a noir movie. In most noir movies, the male lead characters are considered weaklings. The motivations behind the deeds of the male lead character are inspired by the sexual appeal of a female character. The femme fatale character is clearly brought out in Double Indemnity. In this case, a treacherous woman makes a man commit a crime that will benefit her by using her sexual charms (Blair 58). There are promises of sex and money to the man if the deal is successful. Double Indemnity like every noir movie is in black and white. Elements of noir movie are incorporated in the movie Double Indemnity. To begin with the movie is in black and white. The movie is about Walter Neff, an insurance agent who gets into an affair with Phyllis the wife of Dietrichson, his client. Phyllis, the femme fatale, and Neff conspire and come up with an insurance scam that will make Mr. Dietrichson loss fifty thousand dollars. Neff is controlled by the urge to go to bed with Phyllis thereby succumbing to her request. Neff and Phyllis plan to escape if the scam goes through and Mr. Dietrichson murdered. Later Neff confesses on being part of the scam when Phyllis accuses him of being the mastermind. Sex has been used as a symbol of self destruction on the part of Neff. 3) The Silence of the Lambs Clarice Starling, a trainee in the FBI, is tasked to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal “the cannibal” upon being interviewed admits of his knowledge on where to find Buffalo Bill, a man who skins women and then wears their skin. In this movie, telling who the protagonist is and who the antagonist is can be a problem. Starling and Lecter play an important role. Starling seeks the help of Dr. Lecter who is locked up in a mental hospital. He likes her and offers her the details she needs on tracking down Buffalo Bill. Clarice Starling’s vulnerability gives the movie a turn when Dr. Lecter realizes that they have a lot in common; her parents died when she was still young while he was abused as a child. He likes her and is ready to help her at all costs. 4) Maltese Falcon (1941) In the novel Maltese Falcon, Miss Wonderly walks into Spade’s and Archer’s office premise after Effie informs Spade. Miss Wonderly finds Spade all alone in the office. She tries to inform about her visit but takes moments before speaking. After a while of narrating her problem to him, Archer walks in, and Spade introduces him to her as his partner. In the movie, Miss Wonderly presents her case to Archer and Spade who are together in the office. There are several alterations noted. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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