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Dance: Diversity and Inclusion - Essay Example

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Dance in its simplest form is a means of self-expression. It is varied, unique and ever evolving. Dance is as old as the human race itself, therefore, it’s pure survival and growth over the last centuries is truly testament to its integral role within the human society…
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Dance: Diversity and Inclusion
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Download file to see previous pages As a matter of fact, dance forms, and serves a very integral part in a people’s culture. It can be attributable to a particular people who in turn may relate to specific events and occurrences within their society (Kassing, 2007). This argument is significantly evidenced in the United States where a significant aspect of the American culture is the fast growth in dance; not just as a performing art but as a form of creative learning (Richard G. Kraus, 1991). Dance involves far much beyond the physical movements of the performer (Dils & Albright, 2001). It encompasses all aspects of the performance including but not limited to the costumes worn by the performer, the setting of the dance, the message being conveyed through the dance and so much more. To this end, dance has now evolved into a professional art that not only displays the creativity and originality of the performance but to a given extent serves as an identity of a generation and a culture. The need, therefore, arises of identifying whether dance is an art or a science. Surely, if it can be analyzed and taught to others through formative processes then definitely this is a valid basis for its reference as a science. This argument notwithstanding, another might argue that dance is intrinsically motivated (in light of its definition as a means of personal expression) and that its application does not follow pre-defined criteria and methodologies. Therefore, can dance be both a science and an art? What about its growth? Can anyone lay claim to a dance? Which criteria are used in identifying and relating a certain dance to a specific people? Above all these,-perhaps-is what roles do dance play to any society? Can such roles be influenced, controlled, directed? The above may be a few of the many questions which behavioral scientists, scholars and dance enthusiasts alike may find themselves grappling with in a bid to better understand the dance phenomenon. Whichever the case may be, this essay addresses the role of dance examining its ability in practice to achieve goals of inclusivity in diversity with particular regard aspects of gender and race. The performing piece that serves as the specimen for this analysis is Beyonce’s video for her popular 2011 hit single, Run the World (Girls) (Run the World (Girls), 2011). Discussion In this piece, we shall examine the performance under several headings, which we believe are constituent element of a dance. These elements include the setting, character roles, the dance itself (also referred to as the choreography), use of symbolism and (therefore in relation to) the message. 1. The Message The performance focuses on the feminine gender, reiterating their role as “those who run the one”. The piece is predominantly pro-feminine perhaps with the intention of intimating similar feelings and reactions within the greater female body in the world (especially those from within under-develop states) to the awakening of their strong role in progress and sustenance. It serves to motivate and persuade them to break free of the chains of male dominance and historically defined roles that have served only to further feminine inferiority and insignificance. 2. The Setting At the beginning of the performance, the setting is one of semi-arid vegetation surrounded by a mountain terrain visible towards the horizon. There is evidence of destruction of housing facilities creating the semblance of the consequences of an attack. This transits into one of an abandoned warehouse with sand covered floors. The setting throughout the performance shifts between these two settings. The significance of the first setting is to generate the impression of women as builders and in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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