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The Film Industry - Essay Example

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Films have been in existence for a span of more than 100 years since the 19th century to the current 21st century. Initially before films started to be developed, there were only motion pictures that were basically in the form of carnival novelty but as time passed by the advance from just being mere motion pictures into being films that could be visualized by the respective audience and hence create entertainment to them and more so communicate to them their intended message. …
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The Film Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Films have a very major core purpose that they all presume and that is creating entertainment (Aldikno, 1998). One of the major works in the film industry came in the early 1970s where a film known as Don't Look Now, directed by Nicholas Roeg was produced. The turn of events in the movie can be said to have led to the new generation of films. As such, it introduced the theme of murder as well as deaths. The last part of the film can be said to be sublime moving and further, a meditation on grief, which is frightening as well as relationships and beyond. For instance, Laura Baxter and John, who is her husband goes to enjoy their time together at Venice as a way of forgetting their daughter’s death (Rick 2001). The couple had indeed killed the daughter by drowning her. Two sisters, one of whom is blind and has capabilities of a psychic informs the couple that the little girl is still with them and this is manifested by the girl appearing in a red coat while wandering through the streets. With the reference to this episode of the film, the following discussion will aim at examining the earliest responses in regard to the film as a new medium and to pinpoint the potentials that would have been lost due to the responses. Moreover, the paper will aim at examining a film text that realizes the ideas that were set out from those criticism responses. When the theme of murder and deaths was introduced in the early films, many mixed responses concerning the theme arose. As such, the theme was not only a new concept but was also a new viewpoint and as such, it impacted mixed feelings among the audience. First, it tended to conflict the conceptions of the custom as well as some specific representations that were considered dynamic. In regard to this, the introduction of this new theme indeed was seen as changing the traditional view of the films (Catherine, 1992). These responses were therefore negative and many are the people who saw this notion of murder as going against the set customs. In the early times, murder was a serious issue and by incorporating such scenes in a movie, some people, who followed the customary laws to the letter, felt that the films were disrespectful and going against the desired will of the society. They argued that people were likely to adopt such behaviors and as such, the society would develop a sense of insecurity. According to their perceived feelings, such movies did not portray the best of the pictures and hence had to be abominated (Catherine, 1992). On the other hand, some people received the theme of death and murder in films cordially as they saw it as an opportunity to take the film industry to a higher notch. When a film entails differentiated themes in its context, it assumes the shape of an abstract and as such, they provoke a certain organized association. In a film, a theme can be used but not at all times make a film successful. This is usually dependent on the feelings of the people towards it. However, if the theme is materialized, then the impression of the employed theme tends to be associative and as such, it becomes accepted by the audience. It is essential that the films, while incorporating the murder theme, to ensure that the plot of the film is designed in such a way that it have the capabilities of inferring something to the audience. In the same line of thinking, such an effort would indeed give rise to the most interesting and acceptable feelings in regard to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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