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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller - Book Report/Review Example

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A writer of the paper "Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller" reports that biff alternatively believes that it is through hard work that one gets to live the American dream. In his essay Tragedy of a Common, Man Arthur attributes the average person as the hero in life…
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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
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Extract of sample "Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller"

Download file to see previous pages According to Miller, Willy Loman is a tragic Hero because he is a person with intricate emotions; he is not a naysayer and is willing to give up his life to secure his pride and dignity. 1a. Why should we “care about” Willy Loman? We care about Willy Loman because he is an optimistic person who never gives up. Willy cannot his failure whatsoever because he reflects in the American dream. He believes that he is capable of becoming anything that he wants because of the opportunities in America. He represents people in a society that are not willing to accept reality. Willy's world is full of lies, and he is unable to accept reality. He lives his life dramatically different as he envisioned it thus leading him to live in denial. This affects him as lives an untruthful life, is unable to understand reality and has psychological problems. We care about him because the traits he exhibits in the drama are common occurrences with people who are close to us. He enlightens us to understand that whatever we see or hear is not necessarily the truth. We care about him because he represents people with broken dreams and goals that live in the circus of denial. b. How is the playwright using the character to force us to pay attention to the world outside of the play? Miller uses his main character to depict vices and behaviors that are common in society. Willy is a proud character that has failed to make it has a Salesperson. He does not want to accept this and even refuses help from his neighbor and friend Charles who tries to help constantly but to no avail. The writer draws our attention to reality, as through Willy, we see ourselves in him or find some of his traits in us. Whenever Willy lies to suit, a situation it reminds us of those who tell lies. His obsession of greatness and the American dream that is unattainable depicts to us people in the real world who are possessed with greatness but in the real sense have nothing. c. What is dysfunctional about this post-WWII family? The American dream entails people struggling to achieve in life and be successful. Willy’s definition of the American dream is baffling and has no ambition. One feels that if Willy had put more efforts into working maybe then he could truly be living the American dream. His whole family is entirely unsuccessful full of financial problems and lives off the delusion of everyone becoming successful. They do not work to achieve while other families like Bernard work hard to be successful. His 34 years old son has no future after failing to make a career in as a football player because he did not pass a math class. Happy Loman believes that he is an assistant sales manager of a store, but in reality, he is more or less an assistant buyer. This family is full of failures in a land full of opportunities. They are lazy and daydream without putting any effort to achieve success. They believe success will come to them. d. Why would this play has been subversive to the American Dream in 1949? After the war, in 1949 many countries embarked in reconstruction and restructuring the destroyed infrastructure and other industries. This led to people using the dream to attain their points and objectives. It entailed that one had a house, a job, and a car. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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