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Expression in Human Imagination, Values and Emotions - Essay Example

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The paper “Expression in human imagination, values, and emotions” will analyze Baroque and Rococo Historical Art Periods, and explore the influence that the former art period had on the later historical art period. Both rococo and baroque art movements made a significant impact in the art history…
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Expression in Human Imagination, Values and Emotions
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Download file to see previous pages According to Vernon (1999), the birth of baroque style was an extension of the renaissance art period. Eventually, renaissance gave way to baroque, as the baroque style became more and more distinct. Baroque paintings, sculpture and architecture of a dramatic character were influential tools in the possession of secular and religious absolutisms. Baroque flourished in the service of the Catholic monarchies and the Catholic Church. The artists of this style concentrated on space lights, natural forms, colors, as well as the literal relationship between the portrait subject and the observer. This style produces experience emotions, immensely powerful and thrilling to the observer.
The logical purpose of this style was to relay messages to the illiterate people rather than the educated ones. This explains why the paintings were portraits of common and famous stories in the scripture. Initially, baroque art style was dominated by history paintings, religious paintings, portraits and allegories, but later, genre scenes, still life and landscapes gained notoriety rapidly (Vernon, 1999). The most striking feature of the baroque painting was immense drama, dark shadows and intense light. The artists used to select the moment when the action was taking place and also slightly before a sweeping action would take place (Vernon, 1999). For example, the portrait of a steady David daring the giant and another portrait of David throwing the stone with his sling. Baroque style of art was meant to evoke passion and emotion, as opposed to calm rationality of Renaissance.
Baroque came up during a period of political and religious strife. Reformation was bringing chaos among the religion of Roman Catholic. As such, it formed a counter reformation to check the increase of Protestantism (Vernon, 1999). Rome was the centre of patronage at that period, and the church was in need of an art style that would lure people back to Catholic Church. The art was further influenced by the prevailing political climate as the monarchies of Spain, which promoted this style. This art period denied people the freedom to choose their life style and enjoy entertaining pieces of art, as it concentrated on religious issues only. Further, the political and religious chaos was ruining people’s happiness. This pressure led to the development of the rococo art movement. #2 Rococo Art was a decorative interior design and French art that emerged in the period (c.1700-1789). Rococo art style focuses on the indulgence and lavishness of the aristocracy. The paintings of this style have outstanding erotic themes, and they are also whimsical with striking flowering brushstrokes and petal colors (Vernon, 1999). The design of rococo rooms was total works of art with ornate and elegant furniture, tapestry complementing style, ornamental mirrors, and small sculptures, wall paintings and relief. Painters used curving forms and delicate colors to produce exceptional artistic works that were naughty. Many people believe that rococo serves the same purpose to baroque as mannerism serves to Renaissance. Therefore, rococo is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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