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A Close Analysis for a Single Scene in the Film Farewell My Concubine - Movie Review Example

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The scene for analysis occurs approximately 30 minutes after the opening act. This is an important scene in terms of its role in the plot and the direction the character’s life would take…
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A Close Analysis for a Single Scene in the Film Farewell My Concubine
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Download file to see previous pages 10. Camera shifts back to Douzi in a close-up shot. He pauses as he realizes his error. This is a one second shot. 11. The next is a medium shot that is taken from behind Douzi as it shows his back. The camera focuses a medium shot at Mister Na as he gets up from his bench. The scene shows Mister Na deliberately walking past Douzi and progressing forward. 12. A close-up shot of Xiaolou standing with other performers with a very annoyed expression on his face. 1 second. 13. The camera shows medium shot in natural light as Mister Na progresses towards the veranda followed by Guan and performers. It also shows Douzi moving towards him as well. Mister Na progresses out of the frame. Xiaolou snatches a tobacco pipe from Master Lian’s hand. The camera now focuses on Xiaolou who spots Douzi and grabs him by the collar and shakes him. 14. The music becomes loud as Xiaolou keeps on shaking Douzi and drags him forward. 15. A 1 second shot of Mister Na, Guan and other elders stopping and looking at what is causing the commotion. 16. Another close-up shot of Douzi being shoved into a chair. 1 second 17. A sharp close-up shot of Xiaolou‘s face very angry and covered in tears. 2 seconds 18. A close-up of Douzi being shaken. Loud music with Xiaolou screaming at Douzi and asking him to open his mouth. Xiaolou shoves the hooked tip of the tobacco pipe towards it. 19. A medium 1 second shot of Mister Na and others staring horrified at the camera. 20. Next is a close-up of Douzi as he opens his mouth. A single frame shot of Xiaolou with his teeth clenched. The tobacco pipe is rammed into Douzi’s mouth and shoved back and forth like a toothbrush on the tongue. Douzi closes his eyes and tilts his head backward. 6 seconds 21. 1 second shot of Xiaolou struggling with the tobacco...
Another character Mister Na is introduced in this scene who has been appointed to evaluate the performers of the opera for Zhag’s birthday celebration.The acting done by the boys at this age is very impressive and natural. Especially young Douzi’s role involved a lot of gestures and face expressions, which were delivered to perfection. The character Douzi appears to be central in this scene. However, character movement in this scene involves three central figures Mister Na, Douzi and Xiaolou. Mister Na’s character requires for him to move very rapidly in the scene with little attention to his surroundings, he appears to be a busy man who does not want to spare the time of the day for boys in Peking Opera. Xialou appears to be the bossy and ruthless character in this scene, his movement is purposeful and almost cruel as he attempts to protect the reputation of the Peking Opera. Douzi’s character shows a range of emotions. While delivering his lines as dan, he acts with the poise and gentleness that the role demands. Yet when Xiaolou punishes him for his error, Douzi shows extreme strength and tolerance and accepts the punishments as his fate.
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