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Humanness in the Film Nell - Essay Example

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Humanness in the Film “Nell” (Name) (University) Humanness in the Film “Nell” “Nell” is a drama film directed by Michael Apted, the lead characters are played by Jodie Foster as Nell Kellty, Liam Neeson as Dr. Jerry Lovell, and Natasha Richardson as Dr…
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Humanness in the Film Nell
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Download file to see previous pages This sets her apart from the rest of the “civilized world.” Yet despite the difficulties in accepting and adapting to the new world she faces, despite the recent loss she experienced, despite the loss of the feeling of belonging, Nell still manages to push herself to learn to at least understand the new surroundings she is brought into. This presents viewers with several issues about the development of an individual as a human, and how the people react to things that are beyond the norms of the society. While one may obviously focus on the character of Nell to provide answers to these questions, one should also consider that while Nell portrays several qualities of a human despite being “superficially” different, the two doctors, Jerry and Paula, represent the society's standards of what it takes to be human. There is a general consensus that for an individual to be considered human, one 1) should know proper socialization; 2) should display proper nature and nurture, and; 3) should be able to blend well within a society through common language and set of values. It is interesting that despite Nell displaying these three major characteristics, society still views her as “abnormal,” and this is despite the society's grandstanding about diversity. Nell obviously possesses proper socialization, proper nature and nurture, and the ability to blend within a society through common language and set of values --- and despite these qualities being different from what is considered standard, Nell is human and society should view her as such. Nell knows proper socialization. According to the observations and findings of Dr. Lovell and Dr. Olsen, Nell's “personal” language is a product of her life-long interaction with her now deceased mother and twin sister. Nell's language is English, and just appears to be a bit gibberish because she adapted her mother's aphasic words due to the paralysis of half of her face after suffering from a stroke. Even though the bigger society may not see this as the most common example of proper interaction, the way Nell was able to fully integrate herself in the lives of the only two people she has ever known is already a presentation of her ability to socialize. Furthermore, even when presented with a new environment when the two doctors who are trying to help her first bring her to town, she is immediately able to befriend the sheriff's depressed wife. Even though society may still see these interactions as too limited to really show Nell's social skills, it does not necessarily mean that society's standards should be the benchmark for everything. It is clear that Nell is able to “attempt” to communicate to other “humans” who are obviously, to speak in scientific terms, of the same species as her --- which is somewhat a sure display of her unspoken awareness, and acknowledgment that yes, she is human, and yes she can try further. Nell displays proper nature and nurture. When Nell shows how she treats her twin sister's remains with love, respect, and emotion, one can easily see how human she is. No other species in this planet can show such natural attachment of emotions to a family aside from humans. In addition, when one pays attention to her mental flashbacks, it is obvious that she was nurtured well even within just a small family since Nell's memories of her dead mother and sister are so fondly remembered even when she is already in a different world. Nell is also able to trust a person who shows her concern, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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