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Is Journalism in Declineor Being Reinvented in a Better Form in the Digital Age - Essay Example

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[Date Is journalism in decline or being reinvented in a better form in the digital age? Introduction Journalism is such a profession that cannot work without trust. It is totally built upon that element and the quality of discussion has a direct relation with how reliable the news is…
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Is Journalism in Declineor Being Reinvented in a Better Form in the Digital Age
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Extract of sample "Is Journalism in Declineor Being Reinvented in a Better Form in the Digital Age"

Download file to see previous pages Journalists normally are doing the first which is surveillance. They report whatever is happening around in the world. Online news sites are available in abundance and the users can get all kinds of information at any time. However, there are some who are “afraid” that they might come across scams and spam and, therefore, the huge amount of information available to us today proves to be very daunting. The second of Laswell’s functions comes into play here which is the correlation function since it is about responding to the environment. Digital reporters make sure to include depth and interpretation in their work in order that the normal regular news consumer may be able to make out whatever is going on. After the journalists find out the information they need to select the best one to investigate and then report. This is the last of Laswell’s function transmitting the social inheritance. Through this they are able to carry out communication regarding the values of the society and this can be done through multimedia and interactive presentations. Journalism in a Digital Age Better journalism can be achieved through better regulations and such is the case for digital age as well. These regulations are required in order for the elimination of all kinds of negative aspects. The basis of journalism is news production and distribution. The role of journalism in the society is that of an actor as well as an arena. It is the role of journalists to report the events taking place around the world and also bring out the wrongs going around. It is by means of journalism that it is made sure that the country is free. And now that the society has digitized to such a great extent the information is flowing around very rapidly, and here a journalist’s role is extremely important and critical (Artwick 6). Digital journalism basically means journalism that is originated from the internet. Individuals are getting the power of technological innovation and are being able to spread the news and information to the masses. Through digital journalism it is possible to create a new media landscape that would be easily accessible to everyone. There is a wide difference between internet and broadcasting but TV and radio channels have been able to set up online activities immediately. Due to the fact that these medium have traditional content, they have led the multimedia services within the same framework like online newspapers. Besides, since they are able to use the novel technology and media without having to make heavy investments on new equipment, the broadcasters are becoming an interest as study objects. Advantages of Digital Journalism Journalism is definitely becoming better as there is more and more advancement in technology. Journalism is always recognized with newspapers and manual work where the journalists have to actually go to the scene and write and report news. With the digital age in progress it is difficult for some to imagine that journalism would be able to continue. However, such is definitely not the case. Digitalizing journalism is an option and a very good one at that. Like Marshall McLuhan said: “technology is turning the world into a global village”. One example is that of newspaper editors. They can actually utilize technology to its best and for their work. For example they can check out the camera viewfinder via the internet and thus advise their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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