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Analyzing the Cinematic Element of Suture in the Dick Van Dyke Show Episode of the Bank Book - Essay Example

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In the world of film and television, story lines and plot developments are not just conveyed to audiences through dialogue alone…
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Analyzing the Cinematic Element of Suture in the Dick Van Dyke Show Episode of the Bank Book
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Extract of sample "Analyzing the Cinematic Element of Suture in the Dick Van Dyke Show Episode of the Bank Book"

Download file to see previous pages In support of this concept, Silverman also discusses that for suture to have success, there are three tools that must accompany its use. These tools are shot relationships, narrative progressions and the sexual difference portrayed through the shots taken. By comparing the aspects of sexual difference with the often desexualized nature of the characters in the Dick Van Dyke show, the purpose of this essay is to determine how sexual difference or lack thereof affected the suture used in the episode entitled “Bank Book #6565696.” In order to complete this analysis, this essay will first establish the principles of sexual difference within suture, give a background on the Dick Van Dyke show as well as an episode summary and then analyze how these cinematic organization tools are seen throughout the chosen episode itself. Upon the completion of these steps, this essay strives to demonstrate how suture and sexual difference influences a viewer’s impression of the Dick Van Dyke Show episode of the Bank Book. Defining Suture As mentioned in the essay’s introduction, Silverman defines the concept of suture as a cinematic technique that when used properly helps viewers forget that the camera is the source of what they are seeing (Silverman). In addition to the overall definition of suture, Silverman also discusses the three supporting tools that can bolster the efforts of this film tool. The first of these tools is the notion of shot relationship. This aspect of suture is comprised of the shot/reverse formation. The basis of shot/reverse formation includes two or more shots that are edited together to simulate what happens when a character looks around or when multiple characters exchange glances (Silverman). The second tool is narrative progression which Silverman defines as a film technique that leads the audience through the story by providing them film shots which literally tell the story. Because of this notion, narrative progression essentially follows its name as the story line is told through the way the film shots are compiled. The final tool to be used with suture is that of sexual difference. The main crux of the concept of sexual difference is that the footage is based on either the excess of the female body in film footage or the lack thereof (Silverman). By determining the level of female involvement is featured in filming, one can decipher the intent of how the suture is being used. In regard to the Dick Van Dyke Show episode of the “Bank Book,” the tool of sexual difference is the most appropriate to use to develop the argument of how the filming of the characters of Rob and Laura demonstrates the major variations of presence on film between the male and female characters. Evidence Background As the basis for this essay’s argument, the evidence for this analysis is an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show. Before discussing the episode in detail and how it can be linked to the sexual difference aspect of suture, it is essential to first provide some background information on the show itself. According to the Museum of Broadcast Communications, the immensely popular and iconic Dick Van Dyke Show ran from 1961 to 1966 on CBS. During its five year tenure, the Dick Van Dyke Show helped to bridge the gap between the more vaudeville-style television shows of the 1950’s to the socially-driven comedies of the 1970’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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