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Relationship between Film Form and Meaning - Essay Example

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Relationship between Film Form and Meaning Name Instructor Relationship between Film Form and Meaning There is a significant influence of the rapidly developing technology on the making of the overall form of a film as well as on the contribution of these technologies in the construction of meaning…
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Relationship between Film Form and Meaning
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Download file to see previous pages The meaning of a film lies in the interpretation that film evokes as well as the magnitude of the nature of these interpretations, which can be derived from the underlying photographic effects that the film portrays. In most incidences, the meaning of films has frequently stirred a lot of concerns. Sometimes, some films tend to have an obvious meaning owing to their instant accessibility to a wide audience without any difficulty. On the contrary, some films have deeper meanings that are not easy to understand, and are intended for a special group of enlightened audience. Maya (1999) present that the most crucial issue in film depends on how the films are meant to be understood plus the procedure by which they are understood. This issue is often important for film makers especially when they are intending to introduce an unusual element in their product without being noticed by the viewers. ...
mages in a film may be, if the form of the film does not stretch beyond the conventional approach, a film’s meaning cannot be easily understood. The form of a film is usually interceded through the use of various formal elements, which the film makers employ in order to stimulate a certain effect in the audiences. For instance, in a typical Hollywood film, film makers tend to combine certain scenes in their films with flashbacks or even at times crosscutting the scenes so as to provide additional information. This way, an audience may be able to predict what might possibly happen. Therefore, this shows just how the form of a film can influence the meaning or understanding of a film. Similarly, to enhance the form of a film, the actions of a film can be shot from different angles thereby providing the viewers with various points of view. Most films are usually made of numerous shots of different lengths, which are edited to create the rhythm and meaning of a particular scene. One the same note the form also helps to distinguish a film from simple random footage by incorporating certain stylistic elements such as narratives, sound, which create a given logical pattern in a film. In turn, this logical pattern poses a significant impact on the audiences’ feelings, expectation as well as their perceived meaning of the film. Quite often, Maya (1999) presents that it is the nature of a film that normally leads the audience to have certain expectations that are likely to follow. This in turn breeds curiosity, which has quite often been described as the ultimate reason as to why people find themselves immersed and drawn into a film after a few minutes. This is sometimes bound to occur even if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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