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Art Versus Design - Assignment Example

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Art versus Design Name Professor Institution Course Date Abstract Art and design since their emergency to the current aesthetic age continue with their definitions’ confusion, where diverse and numerous people tend to use them interchangeably. Art is more of personal inborn knowhow that almost requires no formal advancement…
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Art Versus Design
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Download file to see previous pages Art’s depends on the viewer’s understanding and interpretation. Introduction The distinction amid design and art since their emergence in the artistic world to date has lacked clear demarcation line to numerous people. The two words seem to imply one thing whilst their definitions and implications differ variedly, besides sharing a single visual transmittance. Principally, art encompasses talent or inborn competence that differentiates one with the majority. This emanates from the ease with which one achieves certain aesthetic with minimal input. Design is a skill where one has to take formal training to have the capability to transmit the necessary information adequately. 1. Pop Art genre entails utilization of diverse pictures or images, which their exemplification tries to bring out the exact implication regarding what the picture holds (Fichner-Rathus, 2011). The profound diversity is that, this movement ignores keenness utilization of colors or other ordinary artistic aspects to emphasize on required sensations (Comiskey, 2010). The drawn image of two hearts oozing with blood at the center tells the bitterness of emotion disconnection amid two lovers. Normally broken hearts should depict both hearts having two broken pieces especially the centre. Contrary, light green color replaces that phenomenon and a sharp, pointed hoe-like object pierces through and gives each side equal emotional pain (Raczka, 2009). The picture is similar to Pop Art due to its application of colors, where instead of utilizing red color extensively, it only chooses to apply a diverse one. According to Pop Art, any image in this genre does not exactly depict the real artist’s feeling, because he utilizes diverse non-representational shades with the absence of any restrictions (Raczka, 2009). This is evident from the drawn picture, where from keen scrutiny the core message emanates more from the outline of the image than the color. In addition, instead of the heart possess two pieces according to its title; it is intact, hence bringing someway unrealistic of any emotional disconnection (Comiskey, 2010). The shifting of color to the extreme sides and maintaining uneven distribution exemplifies emotional disconnection plus self-centered love by each partner. This confirms application of representational form to transmit varied sensations to the viewer. 2. Pop Art according to Andy Warhol, principally utilizes fresh colors, which in the viewer’s eyes will tend to emerge clearly and transmit the necessary information. Mainly, the fresh colors are non-representational; where in comparing with the nature tend to differ radically (Raczka, 2009). Because the artist does not utilize them to transmit own feelings, but concentrate on global perception regarding a certain object. This range from global icons or celebrities and materialistic gain esteemed by diverse society strata; chiefly based on tastes or preferences (Comiskey, 2010). Pop Art comparing to other forms that existed prior its emergence in late 1950s; it defies keenness of “Abstract Expressionism”. Critics argue that, Pop Art's concentration is about global materialistic gains and lacks the necessary validity in expressing diverse aspects, which real artwork should depict. Pop Art its concentration was to impart the consumer with diverse aspects via advertisements and even equating icons with ordinary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Art Versus Design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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