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Visual Arts Experimental Drawing - Project - Research Paper Example

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Name of the of the Instructor Visual Arts and Film Studies   Date Submitted Visual Arts Experimental Drawing-Research Project Jill Baker ? Edward Hopper Edward Hopper (1882-1967) was a printmaker and painter of real life scenes. Etching, watercolor and oil paintings were the mediums he chose to present his work, and his meticulous portrayal of both urban and rural scenes reflects his deep interest in contemporary American life and its meaning…
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Visual Arts Experimental Drawing - Research Project
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Download file to see previous pages Hopper first attended New York School of Art and Design, where he was shocked at the prospect of drawing live nudes. His choice of subjects was mostly boats and women, still life and natural landscapes. He was influenced by Manet and Degas and particularly loved Rembrandt’s use of light and dark shadows in Nightwatch, and the work of French engraver Charles Meryon. He hated illustrations but was forced by economic circumstances to work at a copywriting agency during his early professional life. After his father died he moved to and lived in his Washington Square apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village for the rest of his life (Kuh, 53). Hopper got his subject matter from both seascapes and landscapes and scenes in contemporary American life. His Girl at a Sewing Machine (1921) shows a girl at work on this machine, deeply involved as the sunlight comes into her room and lights it up. His work often depicts the solitude he felt in life. Hopper’s most celebrated painting is Nighthawks (1942) which is famous for its attention to detail, cinematic perspective and use of electric light set against the contrast of the night outside. It shows a group of people at a diner. Hopper’s Girlie Show (1941) is one of his more audacious pieces, where a red headed striptease is seen moving confidently across a stage as musicians play in the background (Barbara, 158). Works Cited Haskell, Barbara. Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Time. Hamburg: Bucerius Kunst Forum, 2009. Print. Kuh, Katharine. Interview with Edward Hopper in Katherine Kuh, The Artist's Voice: Talks with Seventeen Artists. New York: Di Capo Press, 2000. Print. Levin, Gail. Edward Hopper: An Intimate Biography. New York: Knopf, 1995. Print. Lisa Milroy Born in Vancouver Canada in 1959, Lisa Milroy moved to London in 1979 and has been living and working there since then. She first studied at the Universite de Paris-Sorbonne in 1977–78 for a short while before moving on to London’s St Martin's School of Art in 1978–79. She completed her art studies at the University of London, UK from 1979 to 1982. Lisa’s first solo art exhibition took place in 1984. She was also given the 1989 John Moore Painting Prize. Lisa currently teaches at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. As an artist, Lisa Milroy is famous for painting everyday items like vases, clothes and shoes in the form of collections. Milroy also paints objects in formations like in the shape of grids, lines, groups, rows and columns which she likes to create on plain backgrounds. Quite often Lisa’s arrangements of objects are influenced by their functional identity. For instance, stamps transform into islands for the eyes to travel between or wheels move forward at a dizzying visual pace. Handles (1989) won for Lisa the John Moores Award. This is a depiction of various handles of different types all spaced evenly through the work and can be viewed as a combination of lines dots and circles, assembled or spaced as in a catalog. The lack of color is intriguing and one cannot help wanting to pull on the handles to see if they work (Walker Art Gallery). Handles, 1989. Her painting Shoes (1985) shows a collection of shoes evenly spaced but in different configurations as to positions. Not one is repeated, they all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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