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Visual Arts and Film Studies - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Visual Arts and Film Studies Art has been for so long; almost as long as the world’s existence. Neoclassical and Romantic styles of art and types of paintings are popular in the world of art. Both styles were influenced by the Romans and Greeks…
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Visual Arts and Film Studies
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Download file to see previous pages Neoclassical Art, on the other hand, is more inclined to the more political and unemotional aspects. Delacroix’s ‘Sea of Galilee’ and Watteau’s ‘The Storm’ in comparison are two different paintings in the language of art. One of the paintings is clearly a Romantic period piece of art work while the other one comes from the Neo-classical period of art. The differences are not so difficult to spot; even from a mile away. ‘The Storm’ by Watteau is of the Neo-classical age. On the other hand, ‘The Sea of Galilee’ is a romantic era work of art. There are a lot reasons and differences to back this argument up. Each of the paintings holds the characteristics within them that reveal the characteristics of the different styles of painting. Let us first consider the characteristics of neo-classicism and romanticism Neoclassicists had the belief that man is the supreme power above all else and that the center of though and truth rests with man. As Alexander Pope put it, “the proper study of mankind is man.” Neoclassicists always aimed to attain perfection. They strictly believed in order and reason, also in intellect, in the quest for perfection. Romanticism is the era that opposed them. Romanticism followed the neoclassicism era. Romantics directly opposed neoclassicism; they passionately believed that neoclassicism was not it and turned to nature’s guiding forces in their paintings. ...
This began in the middle 1700’s. Much of this was attributed to the need to break from the playful and whimsical art of the Rococo period. Believers and followers of the neoclassicism wanted art to be what it had been in ages gone by; they wanted the traditional ways and splendor of art from ancient Rome and Greece. Neoclassicists had the feeling that, the periods of Enlightenment and the Rococo period, were not expressing people’s discomfort that came about as a result of the nobility lifestyle and the increasing demand for a democratic society. Neo classical Art contain classical themes; the subjects are usually placed in archaeological settings and the people are normally dressed in costumes from classical times. Neoclassicists also had Roman and Greek elements integrated in their paintings and portraits. The paintings had mythological fabled beings and creatures in them. Neoclassicism was also designed in order to, please senses, to teach morals, and lessons in morals. They were inclined towards historical paintings. On the other hand, romantic art have beginnings that can be traced back to the 18th and the 19th centuries. Romanticism was a rejection and change-over from neoclassicism and the neo classical period. It began as some form of intellectual movement by artists; they hoped to divulge from the traditional art values of neoclassical art. Romantic Art was characterized by subjectivism, individualism, nature and emotions. These are the values in which they believed in and had a passion for over intellect. Romantic Art and paintings mainly consist of the dramatic and bold works of art. They featured exoticism, nationalism, heroism, and individualism. Nature was supreme during this period. Most artists painted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Visual Arts and Film Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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