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Compare Hatshepsut's obelisk(s) with the Harburg Monument in Germany within the cultural context of each artifact - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Comparison between Hatshepsut and Hamburg monument Hatshepsut's obelisk The obelisk was constructed in 1457BC by the Egyptian people of the time as part of the royal artifacts. It is the second tallest of all obelisks in Egypt and constituents comprises pink granite standing 28.58 meters tall, weighing about 342 tons (Blyth, 57)…
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Compare Hatshepsuts obelisk(s) with the Harburg Monument in Germany within the cultural context of each artifact
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Extract of sample "Compare Hatshepsut's obelisk(s) with the Harburg Monument in Germany within the cultural context of each artifact"

Download file to see previous pages The pharaohs erected the monuments to depict their reign showing a form of stability and continuity of the kingdom. The pyramid shaped top, pyramidion reflected the light to indicate the power of their ancient god, Ra to make a reflection to the land. Ancient Egyptians were intensely religious and believed in connection with the supernatural erecting symbols to honor the presence of the gods. In their efforts to create continuity of their rule, the pharaohs erected their personalized obelisk to glorify specific events. In the individual faces of the monolith, there were inscriptions that were made to glorify the pharaoh that erected the obelisk. In this monument, Hatshepsut features the story of her fathers that she honors Thutmose and Amun, dedicating the inscriptions to their memories (Seawright). This structure had been erected to indicate the strong belief in the traditions and honor outstanding societal members that acted as peace symbols. The monuments acted as unifying figures for the ancient Egyptian reminding them the value of upholding respect and discipline (Strouhal, 180). With the rule of the pharaohs, there was the order in the society as the people believed in serving their rulers and the gods would offer them blessings in turn. Today, fragments of the fallen obelisk are found at the MFA, Boston. The monument depicts a king carrying out a momentous event in the Egyptian culture that involved appeasing the gods through offering sacrifice. The female pharaoh of Egypt carried the routine of the society and the entire kingdom by honoring the religious entity of the tribe and ensured continuity of this meaning incised in the famous structure (Brand, 160). The piece, made out of graphite represent an inscription in the obelisk that relayed the god Amun and the figure of the head can be clearly seen. This had been one side of the fallen obelisk that Hatshepsut had erected in honor of their religion and to establish her rule as a dominant female pharaoh who managed to rule the Egyptians during her time. Today, the monument represents a rich tradition and symbol of the grand Egyptian kingdom that unified its individuals to uphold religion and authority. This particular monument is notable because it was erected by a famous personality of the ancient Egypt. The pharaoh ensured that the memory of the famed events in the Egyptian calendar are upheld and remembered through precise inscriptions to deliver the memories of her rule. Egyptian art was not only beautifully precise in nature, but the inscriptions had a meaning and purpose in this case religion and culture. Through visiting museums like MFA and the actual site to view the obelisk, an individual is able to revisit the ancient Egyptian history and be informed of the principal unifying figure. Image retrieved from: Hamburg Monument in Germany German artists Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev were accorded the responsibility to erect a monument that upheld the societal values of peace and anti-fascism to be introduced to the German society. The monument was initially intended to be placed in a fancy park to be viewed by the citizens, an attribute that the two refused erecting their piece in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare Hatshepsut'S obelisk(s) With the Harburg Monument in Germany Essay.
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