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Synecdohe, New York - Movie Review Example

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Synecdoche, New York The movie Synecdoche, New York was directed by Charlie Kaufman and it was released in the year 2008. The movie was based on the famous lines written by William Shakespeare “All the worlds’ a stage, and all the men and women merely players” (in Merchant of Venice)…
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Synecdohe, New York Movie Review
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Download file to see previous pages The movie is also based on the unique trait of representing a whole story in the part of the movie Plot, Theme and Characterization The movie depicts the life of a theatre director, played by Philip Hoffman who suffers throughout his life in various physical ailments. However his condition deteriorated as her wife departs taking the daughter with her. Throughout the movie Caden depicts the inevitability of death and holds the idea that everyone around him is already dead. It is the philosophies of death that surrounds him thought in the movie. The film uniquely portrays the self-discovery of Caden in the movie. The transition stages of Caden have been vividly described in the movie. The movie describes the four stages of Caden where he identifies the destructiveness and the constructive nature present with him. In other portions of the movie Caden’s consciousness and the urge for his wife and family grows. Caden becomes aware of himself and the archetypal spirit within him. He also undertakes a critical analysis of himself through which he understands his ego and has a complete self realization. At the end of the move his quest for his self discovery ends and realizes the truth associated with his love and life. The self-realization of Caden depicted within the movie can be traced back to the Jungian philosophy which states the four stages of self realization which has been portrayed through Caden’s role in the movie Synecdoche, New York. In order to undergo the process of self-realization Caden decides to make a play based on his own life story. The technique of using the play in the movie was a unique element used for depicting the life story. In the movie Caden is portrayed to be in a myopic state of mind which provides the justification of using the play in order to analyze the series of events which went through his life. In the play composed by Caden, the role of Caden was played by Sammy, whose role was very influential in deciding the outcome of the play. The role played by Sammy portrayed Caden’s life in the best possible way and at some point it appeared that he overtook the original life of Caden in the movie. The actor in the play also provided suggestion regarding his role play but Caden did not agree with him. Finally in the play, Caden hands over the responsibility of the direction to an actress and he steps into the shoes of the cleaning lady of her wife. Cadens decision to play the role of cleaning lady shows the passion of his love towards her wife. It illustrates Cadens viewpoint that in order to stay close with her wife he was also ready to be the cleaning lady. It also reflects Caden’s state of mind when Adele left him and highlights the desperateness within him to get his wife back in the later stage of his life. Caden also surrendered himself to his daughter and held him to be responsible for her dying condition. The movie reached its peak when Caden describes himself to be homosexual to his daughter and takes the burden of the entire disturbance which was there in his personal life with his wife. In the play another dramatization has been provided to highlight the theme of the movie. One of the characters in the play, Hazel is shown to purchase a house which has been on fire. At the initial stage Hazel was reluctant to purchase the house as she feared that it will be the cause of her death. Ultimately Hazel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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