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Art and Humanities Project - Research Paper Example

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Music is a term that bears different kinds of definitions depending on different perspectives. It can be defined as an art of sound that expresses feelings, emotions and ideas, in meaningful forms through the elements of harmony, rhythm, and melody…
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Art and Humanities Project
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Download file to see previous pages I do remember that these songs always made me feel happy, hipper-active and jovial. They gave me an outlet for feelings that I could not always comprehend or find words for. These songs made childhood experience an erasable experience. They made childhood seem to be filled with fun and activities, plays, dances and smiles. They simply made me view the world and all round me as welcoming and full of joy. Oh! How I miss the childhood day. What music do you associate with adolescence? Was this music a way to fit in or rebel? The adolescents are people caught up in the mix of transition between childhood and adulthood. During this period, they tend to copy a lot from the media, want to be heard, and have their decisions respected by their elder. Music plays a great deal in influencing the way they think and acts (Kerchner & Abril, 2009). The music that I associate with them would be those that make them feel that they have a place in society. This music includes Love ballads and blues, Hip pop, Rap, fork songs and Rock (Anonymous, 2009). It is only in rare occasions that one can associate them with Spiritual or religious songs. At this stage of life, most of them want to be associated with a carefree lifestyle. As an adolescent, I used to listen to Rap music, Hip-pop and Rock and roll. I was at locker heads with my parents in most instances because of this music. They yield in me the rebellious spirit because of their precise nature. Most of this music is full or provocative, derogatory and foul language. Most of them are performed with artists who abuse drugs, making them live carefree lifestyle. At this stage in life, I thought that, that was...
Art and Humanities Project

Music has lived up to be known as a universal language that expresses that which one cannot afford to remain silent about or put into words. Music has made its position as an extremely significant part of our lives because everyone tends to identify with it. In this paper, I have explained the roles of music in different stages and aspects of our lives. Music psychology is the science that investigates the interaction and relationship between music and the human mind. It uses psychological methods and theory to try to understand and interpret how the brain responds to music. The effect of music on people’s attitude, mind and emotion, is always eminent in their behaviors (Davis, 2010). People do connect to music because it directly relates to all sorts of human feelings and emotions. That is, whether a person feels confused or frustrated, sad and lonely, happy and jovial, or even spiritual, music that rightly suits the mood is always there. The effects of having deep connection to music are always positive not negative. With the help of the following questions, I am going to illustrate the association of music with different stages of life and emotions.
I’d like to point out that music forms an integral part of our lives. It is one of the things that give most people an easy going with the world’s constraints. It affects people of all creeds, color and ages different, while evoking all sorts of feelings and emotions, which lead to the formation of deep connection with it in all phases of our lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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