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Graphic Design - Research Paper Example

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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Introduction Graphic design encompasses drawn, photographed, painted, computer-generated images that are used to form various typefaces used in TV adverts, movie credits, magazines, books menus e.t.c to amuse or draw attention, persuade, explain a process or a complicated phenomena in a fun way that creates a long lasting impact on the minds of the people using or seeing it…
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Graphic Design
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Download file to see previous pages Although he was an excellent song writer and poet, William concentrated on the construction and decoration of buildings. Red house (William and Jane’s home) As seen in his works and character, William Morris ‘approach is more vibrant colorful and rich in aesthetics. He is big on color, textures of fabric. As a result, his work is more welcoming and pleasant to the eye as it is sophisticated. WALTER GROPIUS He was born in Berlin in 1883 and is remembered as a ground breaking architect and designer as well as the founder of the Bauhaus. Having discontinued his architecture studies in Munich, he went ahead and practiced as a freelance architect who had particular interest and taste in glass walls that seemed almost weightless. Evidently, his style in design did without historism, ornaments and the use of symbolic features. His emphasis was based mainly on the functionality of basic geometric bodies. A sample of his work includes the “Faguswerk” and the “Musterfabrik” done in the early 1911. ...
This designer has always denied that it is in him to design instead; he says that his agenda is to establish the methodology of design COMPARISON AND CONTRAST Although the two designers emerged from different worlds, William was from England and Walter from Germany, the two had some similarities to them. Walter was more concerned with the fit of the final work and space thereby the symmetry and geometry of the design sand final product while William was concerned with colorful well manicured and aesthetically appealing designs. At the end of the day, both had the same goal, to provide satisfactory and unique products for their clients. William’s philosophy of ‘less is more ‘shows that he was more concerned with the look and the design of his work and the general appeal it would have at the end of its construction. On the other hand, Walter is more concerned, not with designing, but explaining and finding meaning in the methodology of the designs. His work is therefore more mathematically calculated as is seen in his keenness to handiwork and the fit of planes and the close supervision of the production process from the beginning to the end. According to location of their work (Architectural) Water’s work does not require a lot of land for the sitting of his buildings as opposed to William whose intricate designs are flashier and require space for their luxury to be seen. 2. Using two images from each style (total of 4 images form any of our texts), describe how you would evaluate the importance of De Stijl and Constructivism on the development of modern design. Answer De Stijl is a Dutch word for Style. Walter The philosophy of his style was based on functionalism with a severe and doctrinaire insistence on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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