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Han Poems ( Chinese Poetry ) - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Task Date First, the Han poetry is simply the forms of poetry that existed during the Han dynasty. Then Han dynasty is regarded as the foundation of the Chinese traditional. In the history of China, the Han dynasty was the second official dynasty, which, was preceded by the Qin Dynasty…
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Han Poems ( Chinese Poetry )
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Download file to see previous pages It is worthwhile to note that the Han dynasty led to the development of different poetic forms. Thirdly, China has the modern period poetry that is characterized by westernized free poetry structure (Maghiel Van Crevel 405). The Han poetry also known as classical poetry was developed during the Han period. This is the period during which, the Chu lyrics advanced and evolved into the fu lyric. In this lyrical pattern, a poem is simply in rhymed verse except for the introduction and the concluding passages, which are in prose. More often, the introductory and concluding parts of the poem are in the systematic form of questions and answers. This form is often referred to as poetic essay. For instance, Xi Kang’s Qin Fu is a perfect of the poetic form in this context. The Han poetry was also characterized by the yue fu poems ( The yue fu poems are simply song lyrics that were inclusive of indigenous folk songs as well as, versions of renowned artists such as Li Bai. The literary history of Chinese history was dominated by the fu genre which is a descriptive prose combined with verse. The Han period is described as an important cultural flowering age of the Chinese poetry. ...
, the emergence of the Han poetry, Confucius has the credit of revolutionizing the Han poetry due to his effort in educating pupils on poetry by use of the book of songs whose impact on Chinese literature led to the undisputed success of the Chinese poetry. Undisputedly, the vigor and realism of the Han art inclusive of poetry is notably among the most sophisticated periods in Chinese lengthy history. Most people fond of art are curious to find out the founder of the Han poetry who is none other than Liu Pang. Liu Pang ( In a comprehensive detail, the Han poetry was written during the period dating back to 206 B.C-A.D.220. The Han dynasty lasted during this period. The form of writing was simply the “yuefu” style. A later period of the Eastern Han was characterized by poems, which were in the form of five characters in each line. The repetitive use of five characters in each line stood out as the distinguishable attribute that achieved melodious smoother effect evoking subtler human feelings. The Han poetry was written in the form of the fu genre until the classical period when it began to develop into the modern known as Shi form. In contrast to the fu genre, the Shi form has seven characters in each line. The Han poetry entailed the use of an adopted persona to address a wide range of topics in the ancient Chinese society (Maghiel Van Crevel 344). Concisely, the Han poetry is a reflection of the territorial expansion of China hence the purpose for which it was written was to record the history of China. During the Han period, China experienced a drastic development in knowledge, which led to its tremendous expansion linking it to other countries such as Syria, Iran and India. The Han poetry gives a detailed account of the sorrow filled, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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