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Animals in Visual Arts - Assignment Example

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Assignment #1: Project Plans Tim Dirks has compiled a comprehensive amount of cinematic terms through his American Movie Classics (AMC) Filmsite. His commendable efforts have included defining filmmakers as “a collective term used to refer to a person(s) who have a significant degree of control over the creation of a film: directors, producers, screenwriters, and editors” (Dirks 10)…
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Animals in Visual Arts
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Download file to see previous pages The aim of the discourse is to proffer pertinent ideas of the type of filmmaking that one finds interesting. Currently, I actually have five ideas in mind that has been thought of as virtually interesting. These ideas are categorized as follows: (1) seeing animals in fantasy; (2) cultural and social influence and impact of social networking sites, particularly Facebook; (3) the claw game; (4) life within the womb; and (5) exploring the dark. For the first idea, one finds illustrating animals in fantasy as thought provoking and would entail a lot of innovative and creative talent. For the wild animals, I have envisioned them being transformed to tame animals: taking away everything that makes them wild or the strength that helps them attack. For instance, one sees the lion opening his mouth and his teeth are like baby teeth; the elephants will be petite; the eagle flying without sharp claws and brick; the frog without a long tong to catch the insects; and the bear without sharp nails and sharp teeth. What one believes that it would be an interesting concept for the human being ability to approach these previously wild animals and accept them as regular part of everyday life. On the other hand, I see parallel transformations for the tame animals as well as evolving into free and independent animals: for example the turtle will be free from its shell and will be able to move without it faster - not needing to be hidden anymore; so as the snail and the deer would not need to worry if the lions are around. And other animals won’t be hiding under a rock or in a cave and at the end of this short animation, there is a scene when a deer is running and escaping from a lion who is trying to attack and suddenly what the lion really wanted was to lick the deer’s face. Wonder of all, the deer opens its eyes and realizes that it was all a dream; but a dream that came true. The wild and tame animals are not anymore segregated and start running and playing with each other in a unified world. For the second idea, the source for the plot is one’s cultural background and experience. I think it would be interesting to depict the social anxieties and struggles contemporary generation face from social networking sites, particularly Facebook. This idea focuses on cultural response and reaction to social networking. One envisions a local community where each member lived in a tranquil environment. A simple teen-ager in her own room posts pictures of favorite celebrities on her wall (a wall very similar to Facebook) where friends’ updated statuses, memorable events, places that were visited could be viewed as frequently as one intends to. However, since she considers this a magical wall, she covers it and hides it from people. Somehow, the secret is revealed and people coming knocking on the door and they come just to look at the wall. This girl’s wall is then compared to other girls within the community who has not discovered the secret to the magical wall. Their lives could be seen as conservative, boring, but not subject to prying eyes. People who discovered the magical wall have posted all things about them and their friends which were revealed in their entirety to the community. There are diverse reactions ranging from awe, amazement, curiosity, embarrassment, frustration, hate, anger and eventually despair and being isolated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Animals in Visual Arts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Animals in Visual Arts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Animals in Visual Arts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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